Friday, 20 January 2017

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 42 - Grip of Delusion Radio Saturday 21st January 2017

The Shrieks From Below Show,playing on Grip of Delusion Radio every Saturday @ 3pm EST, 9pm CET, and 8pm UK.

This week I'm playing newies from Coffin Burner, Kassibal, and Witchden The obscure , The Black Explosion, classics from Dream Death, and a blast of grind from Pig Destroyer.

Band Order:

Phlefonyaar - The usual creepy intro (The Whoreson's Lament)

The Black Explosion - The Void

Coffin Burner - Setting a Pine Box on Fire

Dream Death - Back From The Dead

The Machine - Mountain 6

Kaasibal - The Void Nightmare

Frank Marino - Ain't Dead Yet
Pig Destroyer - Endgame

Crucifix - Born In Amity

Ivy Garden Of The Desert - Glicine

Flood - Lake Nyos

Witchden - Betraying The Sun


Monday, 16 January 2017


What Blacksmoker says: 

"Shatter the lies, and burn down the thrones"

'Origins' is the first of two releases from Germany's Blacksmoker. The latest, 'Rupture' is equally deserving of checking out.

Blacksmoker's 'Origins' is like the many writhing heads of the Hydra, venomous razor sharp riffs atop a rampaging colossus, spitting snarling, and baring their fangs, oblivious to the carnage left in its wake.

Everything about this release is top notch, from the production to the deceiving to the eye, album art. The sound quality really is excellent, smooth as a polished diamond, but liable to cut right to the bone. 

'Origins' doesn't try to belong to a particular genre, so I won't even attempt to pigeon hole it, but after several joyous listens, I can tell you that, to me, this has all the hallmarks of Iron Maiden with the balls of High On Fire.

Friday, 13 January 2017

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW SHOW - Grip of Delusion Radio 14/1/2017 @3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm UK

The Shrieks From Below, each Saturday on Grip of Delusion Radio @3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm UK.

Thank you's this week to Qabar - Extreme Music PR

Exclusive track this week from Frowning's new, upcoming release 'Extinct'


Band Order:

Blacksmoker - Hell Walks The Earth

Pombagira - Causeway Charred
Owain - Amber Elle
Bleeding Eyes - Full Fledged
El Gran Temor - Solitaria
An Unfinished Life - Mind, Made Fiction
Mongolia - Black Leaf
Frowning - Encumbered By Vermin
Green Monster - Sun Bandit
In Your Long Arms - Weakling

The Glasspack - Jim Beam and Good Green

Sunday, 8 January 2017


Messiahlator, from Alberta, is a band that likes to keep its profile in the shadows as much as possible, which is reflected in the fact that, although they have been active since 2010, when they released their one and only full length 'Blizzard of Saws,' the remaining releases have been a mixture of splits, demo's in cassette only format, and a (very)short EP.

Listening to 'Abase' one of the cassette only demo's, it's easy to understand why Messiahlator, lurks among the great unwashed throng of the thrash genre, although I use the term 'thrash' loosely. The sound is raw, but perfectly defined, a ripping barrage of punkish, slightly blackened riffs, chunks of crust crumbling away, leaving the skeletal remains of Stormtroopers of Death, in their tumultuous wake.

Friday, 6 January 2017

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW SHOW - Grip Of Delusion Radio 7/1/17

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW, playing on Grip Of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST,9pm CET, 8pm UK

Thank you Joni (Inverse Records) for the opportunity to play a couple of tracks from Ruckwater's excellent 'Bonehead' EP!

First show of 2017 and it's a perfect blend of the smooth, the grimy, and the angst ridden. As diverse, but still heavy, as ever.

The skanky thrash of Messiahlator opens the show followed by the contrastingly, mild stoner of Quitter. A track off the awesomely dark, angst ridden new album 'Awareness Ephemera' by Crypt of Silence is included before a track off the as yet unreleased ep 'Bonehead' by Ruckwater. Trippy,  hallucinogenic First Process Church Of Mars, provides us with the track '6 leaves Left' and lulls us into a stoned sense of security in preparation for crusty death metallers  Gilla Bruja.

Obscure corner is inhabited by Hooch, but I'm also including the well known in the form of Weedeater. I like my instrumentals, and Monobrow doesn't disappoint. At this juncture we're back on the doom with Dark Tharr, the stoner doom of Reverend Snow, before ending with the second track from Ruckwater's 'Bonehead' EP

Band Order:

Phlefonyaar - Usual creepy intro
Crypt of Silence
First Process Church of Mars
Gilla Bruja
Dark Tharr
Reverend Snow


Saturday, 31 December 2016


'Mozergush' by Mozergush, is the Ukrainian band's second album. Released in 2008, it quickly followed 2007's 'Faitytale Alcotrips' and is a more complex affair than it's predecessor, wrapped in a swirling cerecloth of cosmic dust. The excellent album cover, and track titles such as 'Red Bottle With Pills' and 'Syringe In The Sky' should give the game away that listening to Mozergush is likely to bring forth a psychotropic episode, but behind the hallucinogenic haze, this album packs an almighty wallop, listening to the doom infused sludge of the track 'Voznakurenets dragging you from your lucid dream.

There are moments of over experimentation by Mozergush, the song 'Syringe In The Sky' being an example of a 'nothing' track consisting of what sounds like scratched vinyl accompanied by spectral synth sounds, but overall 'Mozergush' by Mozergush, is a perfect accompaniment for the journey to drug addled emancipation.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW SHOW - Grip of Delusion Radio (New Year's Eve 2016)

The Shrieks From Below Playing on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @ 3pm EST, 9pm CET, and 8pm UK.

Huge thanks to:

 Luca (Acid Cosmonaut Records) for DSW

Magic Chicken Fudgetoe for the tracks from their 'Bad Bondye' EP

So, this is the last show of 2016, and true to form, I'm all over the place with different styles and genre's. Even the opening track 'Volcanic Pigstars' from the Ukrainian band Mozergush, isn't your straightforward stoner doom, with its heavily psychedelic undercurrent. The 'left field' feeling of this weeks show continues with the off kilter sludge of Phantom Glue, and the late 60's/70's sounding hard rock of Meddlesome, Meddlesome, Meddlesome Bells. I have more of a stoner rock presence this week with Dead Rabbits, Demon Cleaner, and Fuzzcrafter. Internal Void provides the doom in its more traditional form.

New stuff is from the soon to be released 'Tales From The Cosmonaut' by Italians DSW, and a new EP from noise/sludgesters Magic Chicken Fudgetoe. Extremity ends the show with 'Superior' by Guilt. Sounds like someone being kneecapped while listening to Grief.

Band Order
Phlefonyaar - Usual creepy intro
Dead Rabbits
Magic Chicken Fudgetoe
Demon Cleaner
Phantom Glue
Magic Chicken Fudgetoe
Meddlesome, Meddlesome,Meddlesome, Bells
Internal Void