Friday, 29 January 2016


Playing on Grip of Delusion Radio this Saturday @ 3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK.

Nine diverse tracks this weekend opening with :

  A truly remarkable track off the Black Snow Desert album. This track reminds me of Hemispheres era Rush in parts.....their utterly malignant twin that is. Depressingly beautiful, but darkly despondent at the same time. Like viewing a resplendent floral display only to discover, close up, that it is shrouded in blight.
A collaboration between sludge band Legalize Crime, and Stoners Palm Desert. This track is a premiere of an upcoming album and promises cosmic riffs in the tradition of bands such as Yob.
A complete change of direction here. Sun Dagger has just released an album of meandering psych jams reminiscent of David Gilmour and Lunar Dunes 
New band. 70's doom with a heavy stoner influence - see review
Sabbath worship - see review
French psych stoners frying brains.
Another French band playing a more metallic style of stoner rock with copious amounts of fuzz.
Definitely the black sheep of the family here. Mid ish paced death metal with an infection of blackness threatening to take hold.
Ending the show with desert punks Matagusanos.  

Tuesday, 26 January 2016



Nargoth - Guitar
Andrew - Bass/Vocals
Chris -     Drums

The band, from Philadelphia, has, almost belatedly, just released this demo on Bandcamp after releasing it on cassette last year. Lizard Throne serve up three tracks of mainly up tempo stoner doom with the exception of the leaden The Gates Of Madness. Considering this is a demo, the quality is spot on, with the drums and vocals allowing the fullness of Nargoth's riffs to take center stage, riffs that sound as though they were hewn from the concrete blocks of Aston, Birmingham.

I'm not sure what plans Lizard Throne has for this year, but on the strength of this demo, and with a tad more originality, the band will more than hold its own amongs the other quality bands that inhabit this musically prolific city.

MONUMENTUM - The Killer Is Me


Sindre Nicolaisen - drum
Orjan Olsen - Guitar & Vocals
Dan Storjord - Bass

Opening with a short blast of feedback before suddenly switching to a stomping stoner doom riff, MONUMENTUM unleashes their recently released EP, via Blues For The Red Sun Records, upon the great unwashed.

Four tracks of  blues infused stoner doom, both the quality of the musicianship and the mixing team are a credit to all involved with this release. There is nothing particularly new here, but The Killer is Me has a confident swagger from start to finish. The vocals of Orjan Olsen sound strained in an unusual kind of way, but it is more refeshing than distracting, sounding neither too polished nor too gruff. MONUMENTUM has been tagged as a doom/sludge outfit. Personally, I think that is a little wide of the mark as the guitar has a grainy, traditional doomy sound to it rather than the slop of the sludgier bands, although The Killer Is Me does have its moments.

The only minor issue I have with The Killer Is Me is that a couple of tracks tend to pass you by a little which could easily be remedied by using the fret work of Olsen more to add variety to the structure of some of the songs as the guy clearly has talent, but all in all this is a quality release and a fine introduction to a new player in the doom fraternity.


Friday, 22 January 2016


Stuart Henry : : Lead guitar

Karl Freitag : : Drums

Stuart McCarthy : : Bass

Ian McLean : : Guitar and vocals

Ah, doom death, one of the more contentious aspects of the doom genre. It can branch out into the gothic, such as My Dying Bride, the symphonic such as Anfel and the pure doom death with the emphasis on extreme heaviness by bands such as  as Consecration.

The Australian band The Maledict straddles all of those boundaries.The tracks, Fast Until the End and Carrion Art, are pure death metal with more than a passing nod to Bloodbath. In fact, Mikael Akerfeldt's influence can be heard in many parts of Dread.

Dread, starts off with a real slow burner of a track called Tenebrae. I have to admit that at this point I would have normally thought it too syrupy for my tastes and I would have passed on it,  but fortunately I persevered as this track is a grower, getting heavier until it seamlessly merges into the aforementioned Fast Until the End. The foundation stone to Dread is the track, A Muse in Requiem clocking in at just over 12 minutes. This is probably the most 'symphonic' track on the album, but manages to stop short of the pretentiousness that such tracks often portray, so the frilly shirts have been kept locked safely away.

I listen to doom death often, drawn mainly to the seedier side of the genre, and while THE MALEDICT keeps those particuler terrors at arms length, this album holds a worthy place in my collection. It's heavy without being suffocating, but the love of the guitar holds sway against the often domineering keyboards as used by many bands of this ilk.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

DRAGONS BANE - Servants of the Forsaken Orb

Dan Sanicola - Vocals
Anthony Santiago - Drums
Nick Pugliese - Bass
TJ Trimboli - Lead Guitar
James O'Reilly - Guitar

DRAGONS BANE is from New York and apart from a demo, has released an EP Harbringers of Glory  (2014) and a full length Servants of the Forsaken Orb (2015). On the full length, Dragons Bane has taken a step away from the obvious Sabbath worship ( Listen to the opening bars of 'Apollo's Chariot' from Harbringers of Glory) and settled on a more middle of the road metallic, stoner sound, somewhat reminding me of a mash up between SERPENT THRONE, and THE SWORD. The influence of classic metal bands of the 80's and 90's holds sway over the nine tracks on offer here and gels perfectly with the modern sound, which, incidentally, has been expertly mixed and mastered by Dan Thabet of Liquid studios.

So, nine tracks of rapier like metallic stoner riffage, talking of dragons (of course) priests and heretics. Sounds like the perfect accompaniment on the journey to Valhalla.