Tuesday, 26 January 2016



Nargoth - Guitar
Andrew - Bass/Vocals
Chris -     Drums

The band, from Philadelphia, has, almost belatedly, just released this demo on Bandcamp after releasing it on cassette last year. Lizard Throne serve up three tracks of mainly up tempo stoner doom with the exception of the leaden The Gates Of Madness. Considering this is a demo, the quality is spot on, with the drums and vocals allowing the fullness of Nargoth's riffs to take center stage, riffs that sound as though they were hewn from the concrete blocks of Aston, Birmingham.

I'm not sure what plans Lizard Throne has for this year, but on the strength of this demo, and with a tad more originality, the band will more than hold its own amongs the other quality bands that inhabit this musically prolific city.