Tuesday, 26 January 2016

MONUMENTUM - The Killer Is Me


Sindre Nicolaisen - drum
Orjan Olsen - Guitar & Vocals
Dan Storjord - Bass

Opening with a short blast of feedback before suddenly switching to a stomping stoner doom riff, MONUMENTUM unleashes their recently released EP, via Blues For The Red Sun Records, upon the great unwashed.

Four tracks of  blues infused stoner doom, both the quality of the musicianship and the mixing team are a credit to all involved with this release. There is nothing particularly new here, but The Killer is Me has a confident swagger from start to finish. The vocals of Orjan Olsen sound strained in an unusual kind of way, but it is more refeshing than distracting, sounding neither too polished nor too gruff. MONUMENTUM has been tagged as a doom/sludge outfit. Personally, I think that is a little wide of the mark as the guitar has a grainy, traditional doomy sound to it rather than the slop of the sludgier bands, although The Killer Is Me does have its moments.

The only minor issue I have with The Killer Is Me is that a couple of tracks tend to pass you by a little which could easily be remedied by using the fret work of Olsen more to add variety to the structure of some of the songs as the guy clearly has talent, but all in all this is a quality release and a fine introduction to a new player in the doom fraternity.