Wednesday, 10 February 2016


CROAK - From Montreal, Quebec

Pit - Vocals
Mathieu - Guitar
Bruno - Lead Solo
Chris - Bass
Alex- Drums

Croak may be a French, Canadian band, but after listening to their new EP II, it is pretty obvious that their hearts lie south of Texas. Three tracks of Dimebag Darrell inspired southern (un) hospitality, four if you include the into. Although I've mentioned Dimebag, you can also include a very light sprinkling of Slipknot, an early Metallica crunch, and a dabble of White Zombie. Now, before you think about stopping here and beating a hasty retreat because of my comparisons, each song has had the polish of the aforementioned bands vigorously rubbed off until cracked and bleeding, before being infused in the smoke of a smouldering Confederate Flag.