Monday, 1 February 2016

MORAG TONG - Through Clouded Time EP

MORAG TONG from London UK is:

Adam Asquith  - Drums/Vocals
Alex Clark - Guitar
Lewis Crane - Guitar
Sam Lewis - Bass

Morag Tong, I'm guessing the name comes from the organisation of Assasins in the ELDER SCROLLS game, has just released this little gem of an EP, and I'm also guessing that the Electric Wizard comparisons are going to haunt the band in its infancy. Indeed, the songs Godhead and The Eyes Of Men, have more than a passing resemblance to the Dorset doom titans. However, I am more than willing to cut Morag Tong some slack because this is a phenominal first effort. From the opening track Monolithian, to the aforementioned The Eyes Of Men, Morag Tong delivers four tracks of deep canyons of stoner doom. 'Through Clouded Time', is not death by trauma but rather a slow suffocation. Do we need another band that sounds like Electric Wizard? Well, maybe, maybe not, but when a new band delivers something as good as this, and is given time to develop their own identity, then the future for Morag Tong is assured.