Friday, 19 February 2016

PSYCHIC LEMON - Psychic Lemon

Let's get straight to the point, Psychic Lemon is a total mindfuck!

I really can't tell you much about Psychic Lemon the band apart from the fact that it is based in Cambridge UK, but I can tell you that the album Psychic Lemon, which is to be released on the 4th March this year, is a glorious throwback to the days when the likes of bands such as Can and Kraftwerk melted our brains with Salvador Dali like aural distortion. I'm assuming that the five tracks I've just listened to, constitute the entirety of the album, but I'm not too sure, however if there is anything extra, then it is a huge bonus because I can't get enough of what's on offer here.

Although I've made earlier reference to Can, Psychic Lemon doesn't live entirely in the past as there is more of a passing nod to the likes of Acid Mothers Temple, but unlike the Jap freaks, Psychic Lemon manages to avoid a chaotic vortex in preference to a more constrained blend of styles. This makes Psychic Lemon more accessible, but still satisfyingly challenging. For example, on the track 'Death Cult Blues' I swear it sounds like Jethro Tull jamming with The Flower Travellin' Band with some Average White Band thrown in.

For anyone into krautrock, or anything psychedelic, Psychic Lemon is a must buy. It is an album that demands to be explored and dissected. You don't need to be on mind altering drugs to appreciate Psychic Lemon, it is a total trip in itself.


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