Monday, 22 February 2016

SNOWBURNER - Future Primitive

Snowburner - Netherlands is:

Arjan Zuijderduijn - Guitar
Carlos Cornelius - Guitar & Backing Voc
Jan Van der Plas - Drums
Jop Hoekstra - Voc/Bass

After releasing a 4 song ep in 2012, Snowburner finally released their first full length Future Primitive in January 2016, and it was well worth the wait. Throughout the ten tracks on offer here, Future Primitive spits out riffs like an extremely pissed off cobra, baring its fangs, and striking relentlessly song after song. The only antidote is to keep your head nodding and your feet tapping in the hope that the venom will dissipate. Ahh, but this is such sweet poison!

Future Primitive flows as slick as an oil spill, the mastering of the one and only James Plotkin ensuring that each instrument takes a hold of you as tight as a garotte around the throat, and in the case of the track 'Haunt You No Longer,' flays you to within an inch of your life. I'm listening to 'Stabbed in the Throne' at the moment, and the groove that this track is built around, would make the walking dead gather up their breeches and dance the jitterbug.

The Shrieks From Below was set up to cater for my love of doom/sludge, but bands such as Snowburner with their virtiolic brand of stoner, can hold their heads high within these pages.......sometimes death by a thousand cuts seems more acceptable than being crushed to oblivion.