Monday, 8 February 2016


SPACESLUG - Wroclaw, Poland

Bartosz Janik - Guitars / Vocals
Jan Rutka - Bass/Vocals
Kamil Ziółkowski - Drums/ Vocals

Spaceslug is an interesting collaboration of  Legalize Crime and Palm Desert. Together, both bands have created something quite different in Spaceslug. Instead of the harsh southern sludge of one, and the desert stoner vibe of the other, Spaceslug has created an album of seven laid back, smoke infused tracks of the highest order. I love to chill out to some of the gentle jams from the likes of Causa Sui and Lunar Dunes as much as I dig Sleep and Sabbath, so Lemanis is bound to hit the spot, as intertwining the shroud of bong worship, is a trance inducing, psychedelic thread. In a brief discussion I had with Bartosz, he mentioned that he was going for a fat guitar tone rather than a distorted one, and on Lemanis he has been true to his word.

If Black Sabbath's Planet Caravan had riffs it would sound like Lemanis.