Monday, 15 February 2016

TREVOR'S HEAD -Tricolossus

Trevor's Head - Redhill, UK

Roger Atkins - Guitar & Vox
Matt Ainsworth - Drums & Vox
Aaron Strachan - Bass & Vox

Ever had a smile on your face when on the wrong end of a good slapping? Well I have after listening to 'Tricolossus' by Trevor's Head.

I think that, for the very first time, I'm going to mention the dreaded word for this blog....pop. There I've said it. However, I don't feel embarrassed, because pop means having a good time, which I suspect, is exactly what Trevor's Head wants you to have when listening to 'Tricolossus.' Don't be lulled into thinking that this album is a complete barrel of laughs though because it is a banger all the way to the second to last track, the stoner doom '21 Tonnes' which is the heaviest on the album

'Tricolossus' seems to be in three parts, which I am sure is unintentional. On the first four tracks, Trevor's Head lets of a bit of steam with some Sasquatch style riffing occasionally upping the tempo to thrash proportions. Its on the fifth track, where the band stops partying and starts to become introspective, with the Tool infused 'Ordinary Kind.' However, like a kid on Red Bull, Trevors Head has a short attention span, and it isn't long before they start bouncing off the walls again with the punky 'Roll It Over.'

With Tricolossus, Trevor's Head has produced a rollocking album of unpretentious metallic stoner riffing. It shakes you by the scruff of the neck before giving you a swift kick up the arse.......but, goddam it, that smile is still there.

Released February 26th 2016