Wednesday, 30 March 2016

CHRIS ROLLING - The Chris Rolling Squad

Chris Rolling - Talmont Saint Hilaire, France

released December 25, 2015

Chris Rolling : Guitar/ Vocals
Brice Duval : Bass
Romain Cauneau : Drums

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Fabien Guilloteau at NomadAudio

All songs, Music & Lyrics, written by Chris Rolling, except
"Janet says go go go" by K. Samuelsson, L. Kåge & F. Dahllöf

Artwork : Napoleon Wilson/ Logo : Emmanuel Potdevin

Thanks to Fabiche and Indian Red..

What the band says: 
"After an album with The Heavy Manic Souls, Chris Rolling creates The Chris Rolling Squad, a raw Blues/Rock power-trio. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix as well as Motörhead, his music is a mix of Blues and 70’s Rock, also including Punk Rock, Psychedelic and Psychobilly elements."

What is immediately apparent with The Chris Rolling Squad is the frantic pace that's set right from the first track 'Whore.' This band may be heavily blues based, but the chords don't weep on here, instead there is a party atmosphere throughout the album's entirety, invoking images of a backstreet Irish pub, full to the rafters with jigging locals, spilling more drink than actually consuming. In fact, Chris Rolling has been compared with one of Ireland's favourite sons, Rory Gallagher, and that, to me, is pretty accurate as there is a distinct 70's sound here, fortified by a punk attitude, interspersed throughout by a myriad of incendiary guitar solos that make you flinch like the sour smelling breath of a hopeless drunk, ensuring The Chris Rolling Squad album stays razor sharp, bordering on acerbic.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 9 - Grip of Delusion Radio 26/3/2016

There's blood on the floor this Saturday on Grip of Delusion Radio @3pm EST, 9pm CET and 7pm UK. Highlighting two bands. Firstly, The Asound with two tracks of stoner metal from their self titled album, and finishing up with two tracks from Portland's Grand Head who released an album in January this year, of Black Flag, Harvey Milk, and Melvins inspired sludgy punk. 

In between, I'm also playing two exclusive tracks, one  from Atala's 'Shamans Path of the Serpent' due for release on May 20th, and one from Boudain's 'Way of the Hoof' due 20th April.

Band Order:

The Asound - Controller
Boudain - Sleazy Feats
Bottom - The Liar, The witch & The Wardrobe.
Resin Lung - Buzzkill Aldrin
Atala - Gravity
Loaf - Happy Kitty
Chris Rolling - Whore
The Asound - Throne of Compulsion
Soma - Parametro
Grand Head - Variation
Grand Head - Lions Share

Monday, 21 March 2016

SUBETROTH - Native Alien

Subetroth - Modesto, California
Album - Native Alien

Justin Cook - Guitar
Frank Rossi - Guitar
Scott Rendle - Bass, Vocals, Programming

Recorded at Mountain Fire Studio in Modesto, CA
Mixed and Mastered by Scott Randle
Artwork by Malleus

What the band says: "SUBETROTH is an American Doom band that has unique progressive/avant-garde roots with hints of many other metal genres. Presenting sleazy fretless guitar and bass movements with organic musical arrangements teetering alongside the insanity of oddly focused skip-beat time signatures, SUBETROTH pave the way for a new brand of heavy music, referring to themselves as "Hooker Party Doom from the West."

Normally, when a band issues a statement describing itself as having 'unique progressive/avante-garde roots with hints of many other metal genres' it can quite often mean a confusing, convoluted patchwork of ideas which may satisfy the bands ego, but leaves the listener somewhat frustrated. 

Not so with Subetroth's just released album, Native Alien which seems to have emerged from nowhere. The bands facebook page has enough 'likes' but I cannot see the name of one 'regular' that normally haunts the myriad of doom, sludge pages inhabiting therein which is a huge surprise to me because with Native Alien, Suberoth has produced an album of six epic, bilious tracks of cyclopean sludge. Yes, there is a an element of progginess throughout the album, but it is tenuous at best, because Subetroth  is fully focused on crushing you first, and asking whether or not you found it interesting after. Subetroth informs us that 'stoner' is also one of the genres it likes to explore, but with a bombastic hardcore undercurrent throughout most of the tracks, I find that difficult to acknowledge, because I usually associate listening to stoner music with a certain drugged up pleasantness, not the uncomfortable feeling I got when listening to this, particularly with the vocals alternating between hardcore type bellows, and tortured shrieks. Chasms are created with each chord struck.

So, avant -garde? erm, no I don't think so, even if the chorus on Mr.Yan does have a Devin Townsend stamp on it. This is a magnificently crafted album of very, very heavy sludge with only one purpose in mind, and that is the total destruction of everything.

Another curve ball the band has thrown at us is referring to themselves as ' Hooker Party Doom from the West'

I can assure you that Native Alien aint no party.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

BLUES WEISER - Booze For Blues

 Blues Weiser - Altea, Spain

Jozz Fernandez:Guitars/Vocals
Bobysan:Bass/Backing vocals
Alex:Drums/Backing Vocals

What the band says -
"Three guys playing with their soul on fire, landscaping through the genres that were revolutionary .
Fuzz.whawha.Thundering, bonamish drums..tripping bass..and grooves to shake them booties...
Blues 4 Booze is what u time to think time to in..shut up and have a good time as u never know when its over. Here is Blues Weiser.."

Blues Weiser started in 2013, and is a project of two of the guys from Floodstain who themselves have a new album in the mix. Their recently released album 'Booze For Blues' is, however, something of a departure from the pure stoner rock sound of Floodstain, although Floodstain's DNA is prevelant throughout the album. What is different about 'Booze for Blues' is the band baring its soul. It seems obvious from the tobacco chewing, lone Star swilling vocals, and southern fried riffs, that Blues Weiser's heart belongs at the Alamo. Each track is given sustenance from an undercurrent of boogie, and on some, particularly 'Ain't Nothin I Own,' there is an element of funk, similar to The Eagles.

Overall, Booze For Blues by Blues Weiser is a hugely enjoyable album of southern style blues-rock. It has it's melodic moments, but by and large keeps the pulse revving to the max through a haze of ethanol fumes.

A pre release example of a couple of tracks off the new album.

Friday, 18 March 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 8 - Grip of Delusion Radio 19/3/2016

 Playing on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm UK

Two bands are highlighted this Saturday. I'm playing two tracks from the brilliant, yet to be released new album, Pow Wow from Spain's Red Apple including a blistering version of The Groundhogs 'Cherry Red. Also, two tracks from All Consumed, a sludgy death thrash, sludge band from the UK, helps to make up a pummelling mid section. However I'm starting with the crushing, droning doom of Aseethe

Band Order:
 (Intro) Phlefonyaar - The Whoresons Rebuke
Aseethe - Into The Mire
Black Manta - Wormtongue
Bernie Torme - Mr Fixit
All Consumed - Theory of Reason
Nocturnus - Before Christ/After Death
Red Apple - Go To School
Raging Speedhorn - Hit Single/Thumper
All Consumed - Governed
Dogstone - Lynched
Red Apple - Cherry Red


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

ASEETHE - Nothing Left, Nothing Gained.

Aseethe - Iowa City, Iowa

Brian Barr - Guitar / Vox
Kevin Erhardt-Hansen - Synthesizer / Noise / Vox
Eric Diercks - Drums  

What the band says : After originally recording this in March 2013 as a duo, we decided to shelve the record for one reason or another. Over a year later, while in the studio mixing a demo, we revisited the tracks and made the decision to release them with additional synth, noise and vox added by Kevin.

I chose to highlight this album because it's the most, erm, accessible, that is, its the least ambient and experimental of all the releases by Aseethe, and also a personal favourite. That said, you still need a strong constitution to survive the punishment that Aseethe dishes out on Nothing Left, Nothing Gained. This is droning doom that can safely be described as cataclysmic.

Aseethe was created in 2008, and released a flurry of splits with other obscure bands. Earlier material leant into a 'post-metal' direction, with the band more than willing to experiment with different soundscapes, hinting of the monolith waiting to be unleashed. It wasn't until their first full length Reverend Burden, released in 2011, that the band kept the experimentation to a minimum, and instead let the devastating droning doom blossom into a colossal, unstoppable force. The urge to keep shifting direction continued in 2012 with the slow burning (but still great) track 'Red Horizon' followed up with the (later) Khanate sounding drone of Burdens II, before unleashing the monstrosity that is Nothing Left, Nothing Gained upon the world, two tracks of droning tectonic magnitude. If that wasn't enough, later in 2015, Aseethe released one of the sickest covers I've ever heard, when the band proceeded to rend asunder, Black Sabbath's 'Rat Salad.' 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Red Apple - Spain

Dario Bunuel - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Javier Garcia - Drums
Isabel Walsh - Bass

What the band says : 

"Pow Wow is the fourth studio album from Red Apple, whose title refers to a meeting or traditional celebration in which different tribes of North American Natives meet to keep alive their bonds and culture. This album has brought together songs and people who have always been around Red Apple, a band that, despite celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2016, has always felt like a minority threatened with extinction.
This new album still reflects the broad conception of rock and roll that characterises the band. The songs create a fabric composed of threads of blues, folk, rock, psychedelia, country and jazz. But the interesting thing is that the mixture of all these influences is not meant to be a tribute or an acknowledgement to tradition. The purpose was to pick up the baton and bring something new to rock and roll. Achieved or not, to “take beyond” rock and roll was the intention from which Red Apple has always worked.
Honoring one of the most influential bands for Red Apple, Pow Wow also includes a cover of the song Cherry Red by The Groundhogs.
Red Apple is a band formed in 2006 whose current lineup was set up in 2011 with Dario Buñuel as guitarist and lead vocals, Javier Garcia on drums and Isabel Walsh on bass. Since then they have released three studio albums ‐Arecibo Message, Ouroboros and TheWowSignal‐ giving away many concerts in Madrid and elsewhere in Spain.
The evolution of the band in these four albums seem to direct the songs to be structured in an increasingly traditional way as to be arranged in verses, choruses, of three or four minutes long. Of course, there are exceptions in Pow Wow. "

Pow Wow, the soon to be latest release from Spanish rhythm 'n' blues 3-piece Red Apple is a revelation pure and simple. The band obviously has a hankering for treading the whiskey soaked floors of the Irish bars once graced by the prescence of the late, great Rory Gallagher. Licks spraying sweat and snot in wild abandon abound throughout the album, slide guitar, as sleasy as copping a feel in a soup kitchen queue, beckon with the promise of a good time.

Red Apple cites The Groundhogs as an influence, and, rummage through the greasy stains left behind on the nine tracks on Pow Wow, you will find a further track, a cover of The Groundhogs 'Cherry Red' Now I've heard some pretty cheesy covers of that track, but this one isn't one of them, in fact I've just played it twice I enjoy it that much.

Red Apple has their discography on iTUNES and Spotify, but unfortunately they can only be streamed on Bandcamp. Maybe the band is able to rectify this.

Monday, 14 March 2016


Three Eyes Left - Italy

What the band says : "THREE EYES LEFT are an Heavy psych doom band from Italy under GODOWN RECORDS, hailing from Bologna (IT). Started in 2004, becoming fastly a breath of fresh air in the heavy psich-doom genre. After a demo and two Ep releases, TEL were reached by GO DOWN RECORDS, one of the most valued heavy-rock label in Italy."

The first impression I have of 'Asmodeus' is that of Three Eyes Left has dropped an album altogether heavier than their other releases. The Sabbathian groove is still there, but 'Asmodeus' is shrouded in a thicker cloak of doom.

'Beyond The Mountain' kick starts the album, and demonstrates the slower tempo perfectly, but Three Eyes Left doesn't just rely on the slow plod, as the velocity is cranked up into stoner territory on tracks such as 'Psychonauta' and 'Sign of the Pentagram.' Vocals are clean, not overly polished, or cheesy, which is usually an issue with me when listening to bands from the Mediterranean region, but compliment the overall flawless mix.

I struggled to find a weak link with 'Asmodeus'. All of the tracks are of the highest quality, interesting, varied and, most importantly, consistently heavy, which is why this album became one of my top ten releases of 2015.


THE NIHILISTIC FRONT - Process To Annihilation

The Nihilistic Front - Australia

Chris - Vocals
Gaz - Guitars
Nick - Bass
Paul - Drums

I had ignored The Nihilistic Front for years thinking that it was some kind of Anarcho - punk band before discovering a link between this band and Inverloch (Paul, the drummer). After a quick detour to Bandcamp (It became a rather long detour once I started listening to their albums) I was totally hooked, my appetite for finding the heaviest, yet still accesible (just), brand of droning doom, sated.

Albums entitled 'Procession To Annihilation' 'Apocryphal Dirge' 'Total Disgust For Mankind', and 'The Few Seasons in Misery', give a hint that listening to these albums is not for the faint hearted. This is total doom, like Esoteric's evil twin. Those looking for salvation in any of the aforementioned releases may as well look elsewhere, as all you will find in any of The Nihilistic Front's releases is a devastating, post apocalyptic fall out, an atmosphere that is sour, bitter, inhospitable. The four tracks on 'Process To Annihilation' are the desperate cries of a tortured soul.

Extreme Fucking Doom? - Too fucking right

Friday, 11 March 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 7 - Grip of Delusion Radio 11/3/2016

The Shrieks From Below, as played on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK.

This Saturday I'm playing a track from the new Sarvas EP The Throne, released next month, plus two tracks fron the soon to be released Curse the Son album Isolator. Floodstain's side project Blues Weiser  provides a smokin' track from their new album Booze for Blues.

Band Order:

Blues Weiser - Be Careful What You Wish For
Blues rock - Spain
Famyne - Enter The Sloth
Doom - UK
Sarvas - Revelation/Apparition
Stoner, sludge, doom - Finland
Giant Horizon - Shaman
Stoner Metal - Hungary    
Curse the Son - Callous Unemotional Traits
Stoner doom - US
Curse The Son - Aislamiento  
Stoner doom - US
Slush - Silk Road   
Stoner punk - US
The Dead Pan Speakers - Dry Run
Stoner, psych, alternative - Japan
Satta Caveira - Dragonaut (Sleep)
Stoner, desert, doom - Argentina      
Wandering Soul - Astral
stoner Blues - US 

Saturday, 5 March 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW - VOL 6 Podcast Show 5/3/2016

Playing on Grip of Delusion Radio every Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK,

Band playlist

Intro - The Shrieks From Below
Phlefonyaar - The Whoreson's Rebuke
Industrial doom sludge - UK
Phlefonyaar - Wretched Thing of Blood
Industrial doom sludge - UK  
Vulture - Apathetic Life
Sludge - Pennsylvania USA
Brother Ares - Doomeagle of the Apocolypse
Experimental doom sludge - Tennessee USA
Phlefonyaar -  Stored For Future Nightmares
Industrial doom sludge - UK
Sloth King - Relinquish
Atmospheric stoner doom - Germany  
Sloth King - Towering Ruins
Atmospheric stoner doom - Germany
Fenriz' Red Planet - Temple of the Red Dawn Rising
Doom - Norway
Accept Death - Kill Everyone
Filthy sludge


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

PHLEFONYAAR- Kissing Carrion EP

Phlefonyaar - UK

Songs written by: Paul March
Mixed and mastered by: R.O.S.H. at The practice rooms
Live bass: David Simmonds
Live guitar and vocals: Paul March

Flef-on-yar - Named after one of the Beast Tribes that inhabit the banks of the great black river of fire in hell. The Phlegathon

I tend to find that two piece bands are somewhat hit and miss, a handful manage to hit the spot, assaulting the senses with a full, fat sound that belies the fact that there are only two instruments on show, whilst the majority sound like, well, two people playing music. Phlefonyaar falls most definitely in the former category, as their new EP 'Kissing Carrion' gives you the nauseating feeling of being rolled upon by the bloated corpse of a not so recently deceased beached whale. Believe me when I say that the music contained within 'Kissing Carrion' is rancid beyond belief which, I suppose, isn't surprising considering the pedigree of the band according to Encyclopedia Metallum, which cites Gilla Bruja among others, as a cohort. What does surprise me however, is the fact that Phlefonyaar has been lurking in the sewers since 1996, releasing four demo's in the process.

'Kissing Carrion' begins with the disturbing intro of ' The Whoreson's Rebuke' before the malignant guitar and bass onslaught of 'Stored for Future Nightmares' sets the tone for the rest of the EP, culminating in the blood drenched finale of 'Wretched Thing of Blood.' There are three things that stand out on 'Kissing Carrion' The first is the clever use of industrial effects that not only links all of the tracks together, but also helps to flesh out the overall sound, and amplifies the sense of unease that abounds throughout this EP, invoking images of an abandoned building where you KNOW that some unhallowed butchery has taken place. Which leads me to the second stand out, that of the despairing vocals of Paul March, sounding as though he's strapped in a chair, somewhere in the bowels of that very building, awaiting whatever grisly ending fate has in store for him. The third stand out is, of course, the music itself. This is deathly sludge, (un)pure and simple. Dank, monstrous and dripping with malevolence. Now I need to scrub myself clean with a wire brush and some bleach!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Sloth King - Germany

Sloth King released this gem of an EP late in 2015, and, as usual, I initially missed it. It's classed as an EP, but at over 38 minutes in length, you get a lot of music for your money, or, if you prefer, for free, as the band is offering this on a name your price basis on Bandcamp.

Sloth King plays atmospheric doom death, but they have taken a dark path rather than a gothic style of music, preferring to keep their listeners entertained at arms length rather than gathering them up in the folds of a oversized frilly shirt and smothering them with symphony. There is a Teutonic aloofness to Sloth King, endemic in the frostiness of the funereal paced riffs that abound throughout this EP, Sloth King is the hooded stranger sitting quietly in the corner of the Inn, who stops you in your tracks  with an icy glare. However, the band is capable of warmth particularly with the track 'Ever and Anon' with its Candlemass like doom riffs interspersed with melodic interludes, or even 'Strange Entities Beckoning From Beyond' with its repetitive stoner vibe.

On the whole though, Sloth King prefers to lurk in the shadow, and subsequently, the doom on offer within this EP is neither 'weepy' nor pretentious, which is usual fate of many 'atmospheric' doom metal bands, but at the same time there is an 'epicness' exuberating from each of the five diverse, but ultimately, doom leaden tracks. A very impressive beginning to what I hope will be a long and rewarding discography.