Wednesday, 16 March 2016

ASEETHE - Nothing Left, Nothing Gained.

Aseethe - Iowa City, Iowa

Brian Barr - Guitar / Vox
Kevin Erhardt-Hansen - Synthesizer / Noise / Vox
Eric Diercks - Drums  

What the band says : After originally recording this in March 2013 as a duo, we decided to shelve the record for one reason or another. Over a year later, while in the studio mixing a demo, we revisited the tracks and made the decision to release them with additional synth, noise and vox added by Kevin.

I chose to highlight this album because it's the most, erm, accessible, that is, its the least ambient and experimental of all the releases by Aseethe, and also a personal favourite. That said, you still need a strong constitution to survive the punishment that Aseethe dishes out on Nothing Left, Nothing Gained. This is droning doom that can safely be described as cataclysmic.

Aseethe was created in 2008, and released a flurry of splits with other obscure bands. Earlier material leant into a 'post-metal' direction, with the band more than willing to experiment with different soundscapes, hinting of the monolith waiting to be unleashed. It wasn't until their first full length Reverend Burden, released in 2011, that the band kept the experimentation to a minimum, and instead let the devastating droning doom blossom into a colossal, unstoppable force. The urge to keep shifting direction continued in 2012 with the slow burning (but still great) track 'Red Horizon' followed up with the (later) Khanate sounding drone of Burdens II, before unleashing the monstrosity that is Nothing Left, Nothing Gained upon the world, two tracks of droning tectonic magnitude. If that wasn't enough, later in 2015, Aseethe released one of the sickest covers I've ever heard, when the band proceeded to rend asunder, Black Sabbath's 'Rat Salad.'