Sunday, 20 March 2016

BLUES WEISER - Booze For Blues

 Blues Weiser - Altea, Spain

Jozz Fernandez:Guitars/Vocals
Bobysan:Bass/Backing vocals
Alex:Drums/Backing Vocals

What the band says -
"Three guys playing with their soul on fire, landscaping through the genres that were revolutionary .
Fuzz.whawha.Thundering, bonamish drums..tripping bass..and grooves to shake them booties...
Blues 4 Booze is what u time to think time to in..shut up and have a good time as u never know when its over. Here is Blues Weiser.."

Blues Weiser started in 2013, and is a project of two of the guys from Floodstain who themselves have a new album in the mix. Their recently released album 'Booze For Blues' is, however, something of a departure from the pure stoner rock sound of Floodstain, although Floodstain's DNA is prevelant throughout the album. What is different about 'Booze for Blues' is the band baring its soul. It seems obvious from the tobacco chewing, lone Star swilling vocals, and southern fried riffs, that Blues Weiser's heart belongs at the Alamo. Each track is given sustenance from an undercurrent of boogie, and on some, particularly 'Ain't Nothin I Own,' there is an element of funk, similar to The Eagles.

Overall, Booze For Blues by Blues Weiser is a hugely enjoyable album of southern style blues-rock. It has it's melodic moments, but by and large keeps the pulse revving to the max through a haze of ethanol fumes.

A pre release example of a couple of tracks off the new album.