Wednesday, 30 March 2016

CHRIS ROLLING - The Chris Rolling Squad

Chris Rolling - Talmont Saint Hilaire, France

released December 25, 2015

Chris Rolling : Guitar/ Vocals
Brice Duval : Bass
Romain Cauneau : Drums

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Fabien Guilloteau at NomadAudio

All songs, Music & Lyrics, written by Chris Rolling, except
"Janet says go go go" by K. Samuelsson, L. Kåge & F. Dahllöf

Artwork : Napoleon Wilson/ Logo : Emmanuel Potdevin

Thanks to Fabiche and Indian Red..

What the band says: 
"After an album with The Heavy Manic Souls, Chris Rolling creates The Chris Rolling Squad, a raw Blues/Rock power-trio. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix as well as Motörhead, his music is a mix of Blues and 70’s Rock, also including Punk Rock, Psychedelic and Psychobilly elements."

What is immediately apparent with The Chris Rolling Squad is the frantic pace that's set right from the first track 'Whore.' This band may be heavily blues based, but the chords don't weep on here, instead there is a party atmosphere throughout the album's entirety, invoking images of a backstreet Irish pub, full to the rafters with jigging locals, spilling more drink than actually consuming. In fact, Chris Rolling has been compared with one of Ireland's favourite sons, Rory Gallagher, and that, to me, is pretty accurate as there is a distinct 70's sound here, fortified by a punk attitude, interspersed throughout by a myriad of incendiary guitar solos that make you flinch like the sour smelling breath of a hopeless drunk, ensuring The Chris Rolling Squad album stays razor sharp, bordering on acerbic.