Wednesday, 2 March 2016

PHLEFONYAAR- Kissing Carrion EP

Phlefonyaar - UK

Songs written by: Paul March
Mixed and mastered by: R.O.S.H. at The practice rooms
Live bass: David Simmonds
Live guitar and vocals: Paul March

Flef-on-yar - Named after one of the Beast Tribes that inhabit the banks of the great black river of fire in hell. The Phlegathon

I tend to find that two piece bands are somewhat hit and miss, a handful manage to hit the spot, assaulting the senses with a full, fat sound that belies the fact that there are only two instruments on show, whilst the majority sound like, well, two people playing music. Phlefonyaar falls most definitely in the former category, as their new EP 'Kissing Carrion' gives you the nauseating feeling of being rolled upon by the bloated corpse of a not so recently deceased beached whale. Believe me when I say that the music contained within 'Kissing Carrion' is rancid beyond belief which, I suppose, isn't surprising considering the pedigree of the band according to Encyclopedia Metallum, which cites Gilla Bruja among others, as a cohort. What does surprise me however, is the fact that Phlefonyaar has been lurking in the sewers since 1996, releasing four demo's in the process.

'Kissing Carrion' begins with the disturbing intro of ' The Whoreson's Rebuke' before the malignant guitar and bass onslaught of 'Stored for Future Nightmares' sets the tone for the rest of the EP, culminating in the blood drenched finale of 'Wretched Thing of Blood.' There are three things that stand out on 'Kissing Carrion' The first is the clever use of industrial effects that not only links all of the tracks together, but also helps to flesh out the overall sound, and amplifies the sense of unease that abounds throughout this EP, invoking images of an abandoned building where you KNOW that some unhallowed butchery has taken place. Which leads me to the second stand out, that of the despairing vocals of Paul March, sounding as though he's strapped in a chair, somewhere in the bowels of that very building, awaiting whatever grisly ending fate has in store for him. The third stand out is, of course, the music itself. This is deathly sludge, (un)pure and simple. Dank, monstrous and dripping with malevolence. Now I need to scrub myself clean with a wire brush and some bleach!