Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Red Apple - Spain

Dario Bunuel - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Javier Garcia - Drums
Isabel Walsh - Bass

What the band says : 

"Pow Wow is the fourth studio album from Red Apple, whose title refers to a meeting or traditional celebration in which different tribes of North American Natives meet to keep alive their bonds and culture. This album has brought together songs and people who have always been around Red Apple, a band that, despite celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2016, has always felt like a minority threatened with extinction.
This new album still reflects the broad conception of rock and roll that characterises the band. The songs create a fabric composed of threads of blues, folk, rock, psychedelia, country and jazz. But the interesting thing is that the mixture of all these influences is not meant to be a tribute or an acknowledgement to tradition. The purpose was to pick up the baton and bring something new to rock and roll. Achieved or not, to “take beyond” rock and roll was the intention from which Red Apple has always worked.
Honoring one of the most influential bands for Red Apple, Pow Wow also includes a cover of the song Cherry Red by The Groundhogs.
Red Apple is a band formed in 2006 whose current lineup was set up in 2011 with Dario Buñuel as guitarist and lead vocals, Javier Garcia on drums and Isabel Walsh on bass. Since then they have released three studio albums ‐Arecibo Message, Ouroboros and TheWowSignal‐ giving away many concerts in Madrid and elsewhere in Spain.
The evolution of the band in these four albums seem to direct the songs to be structured in an increasingly traditional way as to be arranged in verses, choruses, of three or four minutes long. Of course, there are exceptions in Pow Wow. "

Pow Wow, the soon to be latest release from Spanish rhythm 'n' blues 3-piece Red Apple is a revelation pure and simple. The band obviously has a hankering for treading the whiskey soaked floors of the Irish bars once graced by the prescence of the late, great Rory Gallagher. Licks spraying sweat and snot in wild abandon abound throughout the album, slide guitar, as sleasy as copping a feel in a soup kitchen queue, beckon with the promise of a good time.

Red Apple cites The Groundhogs as an influence, and, rummage through the greasy stains left behind on the nine tracks on Pow Wow, you will find a further track, a cover of The Groundhogs 'Cherry Red' Now I've heard some pretty cheesy covers of that track, but this one isn't one of them, in fact I've just played it twice I enjoy it that much.

Red Apple has their discography on iTUNES and Spotify, but unfortunately they can only be streamed on Bandcamp. Maybe the band is able to rectify this.