Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Sloth King - Germany

Sloth King released this gem of an EP late in 2015, and, as usual, I initially missed it. It's classed as an EP, but at over 38 minutes in length, you get a lot of music for your money, or, if you prefer, for free, as the band is offering this on a name your price basis on Bandcamp.

Sloth King plays atmospheric doom death, but they have taken a dark path rather than a gothic style of music, preferring to keep their listeners entertained at arms length rather than gathering them up in the folds of a oversized frilly shirt and smothering them with symphony. There is a Teutonic aloofness to Sloth King, endemic in the frostiness of the funereal paced riffs that abound throughout this EP, Sloth King is the hooded stranger sitting quietly in the corner of the Inn, who stops you in your tracks  with an icy glare. However, the band is capable of warmth particularly with the track 'Ever and Anon' with its Candlemass like doom riffs interspersed with melodic interludes, or even 'Strange Entities Beckoning From Beyond' with its repetitive stoner vibe.

On the whole though, Sloth King prefers to lurk in the shadow, and subsequently, the doom on offer within this EP is neither 'weepy' nor pretentious, which is usual fate of many 'atmospheric' doom metal bands, but at the same time there is an 'epicness' exuberating from each of the five diverse, but ultimately, doom leaden tracks. A very impressive beginning to what I hope will be a long and rewarding discography.