Monday, 21 March 2016

SUBETROTH - Native Alien

Subetroth - Modesto, California
Album - Native Alien

Justin Cook - Guitar
Frank Rossi - Guitar
Scott Rendle - Bass, Vocals, Programming

Recorded at Mountain Fire Studio in Modesto, CA
Mixed and Mastered by Scott Randle
Artwork by Malleus

What the band says: "SUBETROTH is an American Doom band that has unique progressive/avant-garde roots with hints of many other metal genres. Presenting sleazy fretless guitar and bass movements with organic musical arrangements teetering alongside the insanity of oddly focused skip-beat time signatures, SUBETROTH pave the way for a new brand of heavy music, referring to themselves as "Hooker Party Doom from the West."

Normally, when a band issues a statement describing itself as having 'unique progressive/avante-garde roots with hints of many other metal genres' it can quite often mean a confusing, convoluted patchwork of ideas which may satisfy the bands ego, but leaves the listener somewhat frustrated. 

Not so with Subetroth's just released album, Native Alien which seems to have emerged from nowhere. The bands facebook page has enough 'likes' but I cannot see the name of one 'regular' that normally haunts the myriad of doom, sludge pages inhabiting therein which is a huge surprise to me because with Native Alien, Suberoth has produced an album of six epic, bilious tracks of cyclopean sludge. Yes, there is a an element of progginess throughout the album, but it is tenuous at best, because Subetroth  is fully focused on crushing you first, and asking whether or not you found it interesting after. Subetroth informs us that 'stoner' is also one of the genres it likes to explore, but with a bombastic hardcore undercurrent throughout most of the tracks, I find that difficult to acknowledge, because I usually associate listening to stoner music with a certain drugged up pleasantness, not the uncomfortable feeling I got when listening to this, particularly with the vocals alternating between hardcore type bellows, and tortured shrieks. Chasms are created with each chord struck.

So, avant -garde? erm, no I don't think so, even if the chorus on Mr.Yan does have a Devin Townsend stamp on it. This is a magnificently crafted album of very, very heavy sludge with only one purpose in mind, and that is the total destruction of everything.

Another curve ball the band has thrown at us is referring to themselves as ' Hooker Party Doom from the West'

I can assure you that Native Alien aint no party.