Monday, 14 March 2016

THE NIHILISTIC FRONT - Process To Annihilation

The Nihilistic Front - Australia

Chris - Vocals
Gaz - Guitars
Nick - Bass
Paul - Drums

I had ignored The Nihilistic Front for years thinking that it was some kind of Anarcho - punk band before discovering a link between this band and Inverloch (Paul, the drummer). After a quick detour to Bandcamp (It became a rather long detour once I started listening to their albums) I was totally hooked, my appetite for finding the heaviest, yet still accesible (just), brand of droning doom, sated.

Albums entitled 'Procession To Annihilation' 'Apocryphal Dirge' 'Total Disgust For Mankind', and 'The Few Seasons in Misery', give a hint that listening to these albums is not for the faint hearted. This is total doom, like Esoteric's evil twin. Those looking for salvation in any of the aforementioned releases may as well look elsewhere, as all you will find in any of The Nihilistic Front's releases is a devastating, post apocalyptic fall out, an atmosphere that is sour, bitter, inhospitable. The four tracks on 'Process To Annihilation' are the desperate cries of a tortured soul.

Extreme Fucking Doom? - Too fucking right