Saturday, 5 March 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW - VOL 6 Podcast Show 5/3/2016

Playing on Grip of Delusion Radio every Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK,

Band playlist

Intro - The Shrieks From Below
Phlefonyaar - The Whoreson's Rebuke
Industrial doom sludge - UK
Phlefonyaar - Wretched Thing of Blood
Industrial doom sludge - UK  
Vulture - Apathetic Life
Sludge - Pennsylvania USA
Brother Ares - Doomeagle of the Apocolypse
Experimental doom sludge - Tennessee USA
Phlefonyaar -  Stored For Future Nightmares
Industrial doom sludge - UK
Sloth King - Relinquish
Atmospheric stoner doom - Germany  
Sloth King - Towering Ruins
Atmospheric stoner doom - Germany
Fenriz' Red Planet - Temple of the Red Dawn Rising
Doom - Norway
Accept Death - Kill Everyone
Filthy sludge