Monday, 14 March 2016


Three Eyes Left - Italy

What the band says : "THREE EYES LEFT are an Heavy psych doom band from Italy under GODOWN RECORDS, hailing from Bologna (IT). Started in 2004, becoming fastly a breath of fresh air in the heavy psich-doom genre. After a demo and two Ep releases, TEL were reached by GO DOWN RECORDS, one of the most valued heavy-rock label in Italy."

The first impression I have of 'Asmodeus' is that of Three Eyes Left has dropped an album altogether heavier than their other releases. The Sabbathian groove is still there, but 'Asmodeus' is shrouded in a thicker cloak of doom.

'Beyond The Mountain' kick starts the album, and demonstrates the slower tempo perfectly, but Three Eyes Left doesn't just rely on the slow plod, as the velocity is cranked up into stoner territory on tracks such as 'Psychonauta' and 'Sign of the Pentagram.' Vocals are clean, not overly polished, or cheesy, which is usually an issue with me when listening to bands from the Mediterranean region, but compliment the overall flawless mix.

I struggled to find a weak link with 'Asmodeus'. All of the tracks are of the highest quality, interesting, varied and, most importantly, consistently heavy, which is why this album became one of my top ten releases of 2015.