Saturday, 30 April 2016

COUNT VESUVIUS - Count Vesuvius

Count Vesuvius is from Minneapolis, Minnesota

I can't give any background information on this band because I can't find anything. I found this album languishing deep under the Bandcamp pit, amongst the mould and faecal matter.

The album 'Count Vesuvius' begins with a short, shrill, blast of feedback before the sludge onslaught begins, and never relents, throughout the whole album. I get the impression that 'Count Vesuvius' didn't take long to record, if it has any frills, then, sorry, but I can't find any.

So, what does the album sound like? Well, if you mash up some Karp with some of the heavy, but improv sludge bands such as Harvey Milk and Nightstick, with maybe the menace of Eyehategod then I think that all of the bases have been covered. One huge bonus with 'Count Vesuvius' is the mixing of the album.The sound is perfect for this type of music with a fat, churning  guitar sound that doesn't domineer over the other instruments, or vocals. The band actually tries a classic doom sound on the track 'Negative Zone' which I played tonight on Grip of Delusion Radio, however the idea of conforming to a particular structure seems alien to these guys, as they much prefer to play right on the edge of sloppiness, which to me, makes this album great fun.

I don't know if the band still exists, I suspect not, but if they found out that someone had taken the time to review Count Vesuvius, they would probably piss themselves laughing.

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