Monday, 18 April 2016

DESIDIA - Desidia de la Humanidad

Desidia is:
Jualma - Drums, Vocals
Juan - Guitars
Manuel - Bass, Vocals

Argentina is currently a hotbed of extreme metal bands, and they don't come much heavier than Desidia which isn't surprising since bassist Manuel Platino is also involved with the suffocating droning doom band Asilo. Desidia's brand of crusty sludge is more accessible however, and each of the five tracks on offer encapsulates various time changes ranging from the knuckle dragging track 'Descenso' to 'Oscurantismo' which, although continuing the generally slow then suddenly faster, crusty composition of all of the tracks here, throws in a psychedelic passage followed by an intelude bordering on post - metal. Such moments are rare though, as Desidia de la Humanidad keeps the tempo alternating between molten sludge and rampant crust/punk.

Desidia de la Humanidad has remained obscure since its release in February last year, but the band has recently released it on bandcamp, and for free download as well, so those into sludge that sounds raw and doesn't mind upping the pace every now and then, should get over to their page and grab these tracks

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