Tuesday, 19 April 2016

OLIGARCH - Hypocrisy Oath

Oligarch from Melbourne, Australia.

Look, let's cut through the literary bullshit I usually come up with, ok? Let's not check the dictionary to see what fleshed out phrases I can come up with, let's just cut to the chase and say that 'Hypocrisy Oath' by Aussies Oligarch is one nasty, venomous, bile spewing cacophony of six grinding, black tainted, death doom tracks. I stumbled upon Oligarch whilst actually checking out a different band and although the initial tracks available were poorly produced, there was something about them which piqued my interest enough to follow the band on Facebook. I can't really tell you much about Oligarch as there isn't a lot of available information, but from what I can gather, is that their pedigree includes some of the putrid grind bands of New Zealand and Australia such as Odiusembowel and Fleshwound before infecting Bandcamp with the pustulent canker that is Oligarch. However, don't just think that you're getting a grind EP with 'Hypocricy Oath' because with tracks such as 'Slaves to Imperium' and 'Winds of Apocalyptic Incineration' both clocking in at over three minutes ( epics in the world of grind) Oligarch is able to slow things down a tad and vary the punishment administered by 'Hypocricy Oath' but man oh man, the nastiness never abates for a second.