Sunday, 10 April 2016


Temple Steps from Lincoln, UK  is :

Mark- Guitar
Mike -Vox/ Drum

Wreck  from landau, Germany is :

Dirk – guitar and growls
Jan – drums and shouts
Rainer – bass, noises and screams   
 Bandcamp quote :

"Released via Vetala Productions, 2 tracks from each artist, with awesome artwork from either artist.

Temple Steps have taken the oceanic ideas Wreck showed on their debut 12" to pay tribute to their German comrades.

Wreck continue with their bleak, deathly themes on their side.

Limited to 200 copies, We have 75 on black (some green too), request a green one if you want one, but there's only ten of those in total. First come first served.

Hand numbered and titled.

TS songs recorded by Temple Steps, mastered by M L Bewick at Playing Aloud, Lincoln."

Splits usually fill me with trepidation. Apart from a select few, one side will capture your attention, while the other leaves you totally unmoved, so much so that you forgo the chance to own the whole thing because of it. Not so this iniquitous union between the UK's Temple Steps, and Germany's Wreck. Both bands have produced a towering monument to putridity, with four heaving, monstrous tracks of colossal doom.

With a name like Temple Steps, I anticipated something karmic, some tantric psychedelic stoner perhaps, but from the first torpid note and discordant shriek, you realise that these Temple Steps lead only to oblivion. Is there a medical term for asphyxiation by riff? Because the toxic aural fumes that this band creates, syphons the breath from your lungs, cataclysmic riff by cataclysmic riff, that seem to meld together with each siesmic shift. The band Moss springs to mind.

Wreck isn't much respite either. Not as suffocating as Temple Steps, their involvement in this split is no less harrowing. Wreck's two track contribution sounds even bleaker, with a very slight shade of darkness interweaving amongst an antediluvian atmosphere which envelops this side of the split release.

With this split, Temple Steps and Wreck have created a new lifeform, malevolent, malodorous, intent on nothing but the ruination of your soul.


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