Sunday, 29 May 2016

BNN - BNN(Vij)

BNN(Vij) is from Italy.

There is a group of bands to which the word 'filth' doesn't even come close to describing the sound that spews forth from whatever instruments they are torturing at the time, off the top of my head I can mention Hipoxia, Stumm, Usko, and Karcavul. You can safely say that BNN (Vij) can be added to that infamous conglomerate of the most heinous.

To say that BNN (Vij) is underground is an understatement, and perhaps it is better for us all that it stays there, because this is some abhorrent shit. This album, from the 22 minute opener 'Gelido Vuoto/BNN (Vij)/ Krokodile, to the closer, KxLxD, drags itself from track to track, de tuned lower than a serpents belly. Funereal riffs hang from the gallows. Actually, I think that this is the first time I have described a band as 'funeral sludge.' To add to the listeners delicious discomfort, there are also very few ambient passages in this album,which is unusual for this kind of stuff, it is pure punishment all the way through, offering no hope to the suffering. Each chord that's struck, oozes pustulent slime for us all to gag on.

BNN (Vij) cuts a pestilential swathe throughout humanity, it's a harrowing experience, and I absolutely love it.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

BELDAM - Still the Wretched linger

Beldam is from Charlottesville, Virginia

Grahm Reynolds - Guitars
Addison Dodds - Bass
Cullen Wade - Drums
Randall Guidry - Vocals

What the Label says

"Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Doom/Sludge titans Beldam to the roster with their pummeling debut album "Still The Wretched Linger"! Beldam hail from central Virgina and play skull crushing, soul wrenching, depression-ridden misanthropic Sludge with blackened touches. Influenced by the likes of Sleep, EyeHateGod, Graves At Sea, The Melvins and Black Sabbath, Beldam combine primordial buzzsaw guitar, massive low end bass, earth shattering drums and intense vocals featuring lyrics which invoke death and despair. "Still The Wretched Linger" is a relentless record, bulldozing through 40+ minutes of pure desolation! For fans of Bongzilla, Brainoil, Coffins, Conan, Crowbar, Dopethrone, Grief, High On Fire, Indian, Neurosis, Noothgrush, Om, Orange Goblin, Order Of The Owl, Pelican, Primitive Man, Pungent Stench, Rwake, Soilent Green, Sourvein, Thou, Ufomammut, Weedeater and Zoroaster"

It's no surprise to me that Beldam has been snapped up by a major label of the underground music scene, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, as I was blown away by their self titled demo from last year and quickly spread it around amongst my compatriots in the blogging/internet radio scene. There was just something about it that ticked all the boxes and made me think "This band is here to stay"

..And so we have 'Still the Wretched Linger' which has confirmed my assumption that Beldam can gatecrash the higher echelons of the sludgy, doom death genre.

With 'Still the Wretched Linger' Beldam has planted itself firmly on the darker side of the doom death path. Each track carries the cloying scent of mould, and there is a general pall of decay hanging off every word and every chord. This is helped immensely by the vocals at the time of Stanley Stepanic who 'croaks' like a Victorian villain just about to cut your throat. Although slow is the name of the game here, there is a surprising crunch to the guitars of Grahm Reynolds, particularly on tracks such as 'The Foundling' which is aided and abetted by the pounding rhythm section of Dodds and Wade, and indeed, Beldam should be commended for how 'together' the band sounds in churning out riffs of despondency throughout the album.

Doom death bands, more often than not, invoke scenes of bats flittering around dark castle towers, silhouetted against an angry black sky. Beldam however, summons images far beneath the surface, images of cellars and dungeons, smothered in the lingering scent of despair.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOLUME 17 - Grip of Delusion Radio 28/5/2016

Playing on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday@3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK

On this Saturdays show, I will be playing the darkest set of tracks for a number of weeks. I'm highlighting three bands who have each recently released, or are about to release, new albums. 

I'm going to open the show with a couple of tracks from California's Nebula Drag before launching into some atmospheric doom with an incredibly diverse track from Ceremonia. The filth is cranked up to the max with the monumental lunacy of 'Nothing' by Spain's warped droning doom merchants Hipoxia. I have two tracks from the impending release of  Virginian death doom band Beldam. Their demo blew me away a couple of years ago, and this full release has done the same. I'm also playing something by a band called Ten Ton Slug. I stumbled on this band while dicking around on FB and was instantly captivated by their brand of groovy sludge.

Band Order

Nebula Drag - Up & Down
Nebula Drag -  Perfect Pair
Ceremonia - Anestesia Affliccion (I. Posesion/II. Ascension/III.Abismo)
Hipoxia - Nothing
Beldam - The Foundling
Ten Ton Slug - Blood Burns
Beldam - Blackened Violet 

Monday, 23 May 2016

HIPOXIA - Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit -Monvmentvm ab Khaos I-

HIPOXIA is from Spain and consists of:

K - Drums
JK - Guitars
E - Vocals
O.S - Bass
A -Guitars

3 tracks of apocalyptic devastation awaits anyone brave enough to enter the gyre of Hipoxia

I've known the band since the demo 'Doomrehearsal' (2010 ) through to the lauded split with Gangrened whilst being flattened along the way by their self titled album of 2012, which, at the time, I described as being akin to early Khanate. But nothing, I repeat nothing, can prepare you for the horrors that lurk within 'Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit- Monvumentum ab Khaos I-'.

This monstrosity starts with the 22 minute opener 'Nothing' and if you thought that Hipoxia was somewhat deranged already, listening to this track will convince you that their collective minds have completely snapped. It starts with six minutes or so of booming, echoing, repetitive riffs accompanied by straightforward vocals, but it's impossible to shake that feeling of unease the more the chill permeates your bones, and the mask of evil is slowly lifted bit by bit, as the vocals become more torturous, and the guitar more prominent, culminating in a cacophony of droning doom.

The second track 'Oblivion' continues the carnage, itself of substantial length, clocking in at over 16 minutes. Droning riffs are stretched to breaking point accompanied by pained, but not overbearing vocals, to be broken only by a small ambient passage.

If there are any weak points in this album, it's provided by the final track, New Aoeon of Destruction. It has a menace about it, somewhat similar to Triptykon at their most ambient, but when you are treated to the previous two tracks of drone doom excellence, it is something of an anti climax.

However, that gripe apart, Si Devs......... is a must have for those who like their doom menacing, dark and multifaceted. Hipoxia has obviously taken great length to create something a little different. This is experimental without alienating those of us for whom the riff is king, it's just that on Si Devs, the riffs are as warped as the mind of a serial killer.

Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit- Monvmentum ab Khaos I- is the perfect accompaniment for the shrieking inmates of Bedlam.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


Bardo Pond is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jason Kourkunis -  Drums
Clint Takeda - Bass
John Gibbons - Guitar
Michael Gibbons - Guitar
Isobel Sollenberger - Vocals

It took a looong time for me to 'get' Bardo Pond, admittedly I was just coming out of a funeral doom or bust phase and was thankfully broadening my horizons to other genres including jam and psychedelic bands, but unlike groups such as Earthless, or Tia Carrera, Bardo Pond didn't play the endless jams that I craved. Then I latched onto the 'Dilate' album and something clicked. Maybe it was the acid drenched riffs of the opener 'Two Planes' or Isobel Sollenberger's haunting, stoned, vocals. Anyway, turn the clock forward ten years and twenty three releases later, 'Dilate' remains my favourite Bardo Pond album. 

So, what makes 'Dilate'stand out? Well, first off, its your typical Bardo Pond album, a mixture of mainly slow paced, acidic neo-psychedelia, but man, the tracks on here are DRENCHED in acid, the Gibbons brothers spraying it around by the bucketload. First track, the aforementioned 'Two Planes' sets the tone, opening with a slow, almost space pulse beat, which then typically for this album, morphs into a caustic jam and continues on to one of the heaviest tracks on the album 'Sunrise'. 'Insider' is another slow builder with a harsh jam in the middle of it accompanied by Isobel Sollenberger's strangely dispassionate vocals. Again, typically, Bardo Pond treats the listener to one or two folky tracks, provided this time by 'Swig' and 'Despite the Roar' before we are back on the fuzz with the surprisingly uptempo 'Lb.' My favourite track on the album is the final one, the meandering, magnificent, 'Ganges' which more than any other Bardo Pond song, reminds me of one of the many side projects, Alasehir.

If you don't know the band, then 'Dilate' is the perfect introduction to a spiritual world you thought you could only ever dream about. 


Thursday, 12 May 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW PODCAST SHOW - Grip of Delusion Radio 14/5/2016

As played on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @ 3pm EST, 9pm CET, and 8pm UK

This Saturday I have the usual eclectic selection of tracks from bands already established, and those recently starting their journey. I think I have mixed things up even more than usual on this show. For example show favourites, the Hendrix inspired EDDIE BRNABIC is sandwiched between the death metal barrage of BOLT THROWER, and the doom rock of IRON VOID. I am pleased to be playing  exclusive new tracks from CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT and ABISSO. I'm also highlighting a band called TUNA DE TIERRA from Italy with a desert stoner track from an ep they released last year. This week I'm opening the show with the hallucinogenic BARDO POND but closing a track from the sewer by DRAUG.


Bardo Pond - Inside
Coldworker - The Contaminated Void 
Cybernetic Witch Cult - Cloven Hooves, Horns & Wings
Lento - Blind Idiot God
Lento - Unyielding/Unwavering
Kroh - The Plant We Seeded
Tuna de Tierra - Ash
Bolt Thrower - Drowned in Torment
Eddie Brnabic - Trancedental Wine
Iron Void - The Answer Unknown
Draug - Headless Butchering 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

INTET - Demo

Intet - Demo

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden, a veritable pot pourri of supreme music for those of us with a taste for the underground, has recently unearthed for us, a sublime little demo by a band called Intet. I say little, but really the three lumbering, doom leaden tracks on offer, constitutes the length of an (admittedly) shortish album. 

Chasmic riffs are the order of the day, interspersed with lengthy psychedelic pieces, and accompanied  by a subterranian, rumbling, bass, resonating throughout. The pace, for the most part is slow as you would expect a pure doom release to be, but the sluggishness is variable particularly on the showpiece track 'Mansklig Utgang.'

The quality of the recording is very good, but I can't help feeling that the final track 'Extrovert Hat Fran Nedan' sounds a little muffled, certainly compared to the other two tracks.
Intet has now set the bar extremely high for themselves with future releases, and, if they manage to exceed it, the underground doom community can look forward to something very special.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 15 - Grip of Delusion Radio 7/5/16

As played on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK

This Saturday is going to be much darker than recent shows. I'm starting with a punishing doom track from a new band called Intet and ending with a proggish death metal epic from Pike. In between, the new breed of stoner/doom bands remains strong, with tracks from new releases by The Lone Madman and Crimson Eye. An even darker shadow is cast over the proceedings by Endless Floods. Lockersludge provides us with a 'punkier' sludge sound whilst Snowy Dunes leads the Sabbath worship. Two riproaring tracks make up the middle stages of the show with the deathcrust of Sepulchre. And where else will you find the crystalline blues of Bluesness sandwiched between Sepulchre and Crimson Eye.

Order of play:

Intet - Mansglig Utgang
Lockersludge - The Beard of Doom
The Lone Madman - Oh Death
Snowy Dunes - Dawn
Sepulchre - Dust
Sepulchre - Rais
Bluesness - My Kind of People
Crimson Eye - SSIK Army
Endless Floods - Eternal Failure
Pike - Mansonian