Sunday, 29 May 2016

BNN - BNN(Vij)

BNN(Vij) is from Italy.

There is a group of bands to which the word 'filth' doesn't even come close to describing the sound that spews forth from whatever instruments they are torturing at the time, off the top of my head I can mention Hipoxia, Stumm, Usko, and Karcavul. You can safely say that BNN (Vij) can be added to that infamous conglomerate of the most heinous.

To say that BNN (Vij) is underground is an understatement, and perhaps it is better for us all that it stays there, because this is some abhorrent shit. This album, from the 22 minute opener 'Gelido Vuoto/BNN (Vij)/ Krokodile, to the closer, KxLxD, drags itself from track to track, de tuned lower than a serpents belly. Funereal riffs hang from the gallows. Actually, I think that this is the first time I have described a band as 'funeral sludge.' To add to the listeners delicious discomfort, there are also very few ambient passages in this album,which is unusual for this kind of stuff, it is pure punishment all the way through, offering no hope to the suffering. Each chord that's struck, oozes pustulent slime for us all to gag on.

BNN (Vij) cuts a pestilential swathe throughout humanity, it's a harrowing experience, and I absolutely love it.