Monday, 23 May 2016

HIPOXIA - Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit -Monvmentvm ab Khaos I-

HIPOXIA is from Spain and consists of:

K - Drums
JK - Guitars
E - Vocals
O.S - Bass
A -Guitars

3 tracks of apocalyptic devastation awaits anyone brave enough to enter the gyre of Hipoxia

I've known the band since the demo 'Doomrehearsal' (2010 ) through to the lauded split with Gangrened whilst being flattened along the way by their self titled album of 2012, which, at the time, I described as being akin to early Khanate. But nothing, I repeat nothing, can prepare you for the horrors that lurk within 'Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit- Monvumentum ab Khaos I-'.

This monstrosity starts with the 22 minute opener 'Nothing' and if you thought that Hipoxia was somewhat deranged already, listening to this track will convince you that their collective minds have completely snapped. It starts with six minutes or so of booming, echoing, repetitive riffs accompanied by straightforward vocals, but it's impossible to shake that feeling of unease the more the chill permeates your bones, and the mask of evil is slowly lifted bit by bit, as the vocals become more torturous, and the guitar more prominent, culminating in a cacophony of droning doom.

The second track 'Oblivion' continues the carnage, itself of substantial length, clocking in at over 16 minutes. Droning riffs are stretched to breaking point accompanied by pained, but not overbearing vocals, to be broken only by a small ambient passage.

If there are any weak points in this album, it's provided by the final track, New Aoeon of Destruction. It has a menace about it, somewhat similar to Triptykon at their most ambient, but when you are treated to the previous two tracks of drone doom excellence, it is something of an anti climax.

However, that gripe apart, Si Devs......... is a must have for those who like their doom menacing, dark and multifaceted. Hipoxia has obviously taken great length to create something a little different. This is experimental without alienating those of us for whom the riff is king, it's just that on Si Devs, the riffs are as warped as the mind of a serial killer.

Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit- Monvmentum ab Khaos I- is the perfect accompaniment for the shrieking inmates of Bedlam.