Saturday, 7 May 2016

INTET - Demo

Intet - Demo

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden, a veritable pot pourri of supreme music for those of us with a taste for the underground, has recently unearthed for us, a sublime little demo by a band called Intet. I say little, but really the three lumbering, doom leaden tracks on offer, constitutes the length of an (admittedly) shortish album. 

Chasmic riffs are the order of the day, interspersed with lengthy psychedelic pieces, and accompanied  by a subterranian, rumbling, bass, resonating throughout. The pace, for the most part is slow as you would expect a pure doom release to be, but the sluggishness is variable particularly on the showpiece track 'Mansklig Utgang.'

The quality of the recording is very good, but I can't help feeling that the final track 'Extrovert Hat Fran Nedan' sounds a little muffled, certainly compared to the other two tracks.
Intet has now set the bar extremely high for themselves with future releases, and, if they manage to exceed it, the underground doom community can look forward to something very special.