Wednesday, 25 May 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOLUME 17 - Grip of Delusion Radio 28/5/2016

Playing on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday@3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK

On this Saturdays show, I will be playing the darkest set of tracks for a number of weeks. I'm highlighting three bands who have each recently released, or are about to release, new albums. 

I'm going to open the show with a couple of tracks from California's Nebula Drag before launching into some atmospheric doom with an incredibly diverse track from Ceremonia. The filth is cranked up to the max with the monumental lunacy of 'Nothing' by Spain's warped droning doom merchants Hipoxia. I have two tracks from the impending release of  Virginian death doom band Beldam. Their demo blew me away a couple of years ago, and this full release has done the same. I'm also playing something by a band called Ten Ton Slug. I stumbled on this band while dicking around on FB and was instantly captivated by their brand of groovy sludge.

Band Order

Nebula Drag - Up & Down
Nebula Drag -  Perfect Pair
Ceremonia - Anestesia Affliccion (I. Posesion/II. Ascension/III.Abismo)
Hipoxia - Nothing
Beldam - The Foundling
Ten Ton Slug - Blood Burns
Beldam - Blackened Violet