Thursday, 30 June 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 22 - Grip of Delusion Radio 2/7/2016

As played on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET 8pm UK

Holy goddam shit! how do I describe this show..... apart from fucking heavy of course. Actually, that's not strictly true, not all the way through anyway. Sure, I'm playing the ponderous doom of Aussies Clagg along with some caustic sludge from Drunk Diver,  but intermingled with this are some introspective noodlings from the Gilmour like Wilson T King followed by the proto jams of Santa Cruz. Rockin' like a mofo, I have 2 tracks from Indonesian  band Lamebrain, and, as usual, following no pattern whatsoever, classic death metal follows in the form of Death. Speaking of classic, i'm playing something by Michael Schenker. Also in the mix is the metal as fuck band Centurions Ghost, plus the desert stoner influenced Routes. I'm starting this weekends show with a band I haven't played for a while Arcade Messiah.

Band Order

Arcade Messiah - Black Dice Maze
Drunk Diver - Envy
Lamebrain - Mojo
Death - Killing Spree
Routes - Gringo
Lamebrain - Yo Mama Fool
Clagg - Pathways to Oblivion
Centurions Ghost - Walking Through Walls
Wilson T King - Like the Turquoise in a Crashing Wave
Santa Cruz - The Very End II
Michael Schenker Group - Ready to Rock (Live)
Drunk Diver - Gluttony

Saturday, 25 June 2016

EVEREST QUEEN - Everest Queen EP

Everest Queen, from Stevenage UK is :

Adam C. Taylor - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jimmy Long - Bass
Brad Cook - Drums, Vocals 

As modern day EP's go, this is fairly short, however Everest Queen has managed to shoehorn in two tracks of excellent, technical sludge, with enough variation in the hooks and riffs to call this  progressive. I say two tracks, there is actually three, but at less than two minutes long, and leaning more toward straightforward sludge, I haven't counted it in. No, its 'Curse of The Everest Queen' and 'Catacombs' which seduces the ear, while the gloriously quirky cover catches the eye. If the band can produce an album full of songs that can entertain, yet pummel at the same time as the tracks on this EP do, then Everest Queen will have something quite special on their hands.

Friday, 24 June 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 21 - Grip of Delusion Radio 25/6/2016

As played on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK.

Ok, lots of new stuff this Saturday, and I need to say a few thank you's for some of the tracks I'll be playing. Firstly, Simon Matravers, (Mourn, Graven Image, Solstice) for pointing me in the direction of a couple of pre production tracks from his upcoming Angelcynn EP. I couldn't tell they were pre production as the quality is really good. Thanks also has to go to Frank Tudisco of the band Haunted for the nod that their single off a much anticipated new album is available. Its a pleasure to be playing that. I must also thank Massimo Perasso of Taxi Driver Store for providing me with a truly great rock track from a band new to me called Bells of Ramon. I will also be playing an interesting track from Everest Queen, interesting because it blends sludge with prog elements. This band shows a lot of promise. A dark shroud covers the show in the form of Hessaja. Sandwiching all of this excellence is a very obscure band called The Omicron Configuration, starting and finishing the show with two tracks of cosmic, trance inducing doom.

Band Order

The Omicron Configuration - Gifts of the Ancient Masters
Simon Matravers (Matravian) - Life Love, and Memory
Everest Queen - Catacombs
Hessaja - Storm
Haunted - Silvercomb
Simon Matravers (Matravian) - Mistrel of the Moor
Bells of Ramon - Jamie Lee
The Omicron Configuration - Omicron Configuration

Sunday, 19 June 2016

IMPAVIDUS - Impavidus

Impavidus is from Manchester UK

Michelle Adamson - Vocals, 
Patrick McBride - Bass & Vocals, 
Gav Smith - Guitar & Backing Vocals, 
Chris O'Rourke - Drums 

What the band says:

"Impavidus was created when ex members of Manchester bands My Wooden Pillow and Driven Apart met up in a jam room in July 2015 for the sole purpose of writing music they enjoy playing and listening to.

With songs that flow with groove laden heavy riffs and driving beats with ferocious and at times soaring melodic vocals. Impavidus sound like nothing else in the local scene at the moment."

Although a band from my local Manchester metal scene, I wasn't too familiar with Impavidus with the band being outside the doom, sludge scene I usually haunt, but now I've had the chance to listen to this excellent EP, I'll be keen to see them the first chance I get.

Impavidus is essentially a thrash metal band, but, unlike the usual comparisons in the genre, Impavidus is radically different. This is in no small part due to the vocal delivery of Michelle Adamson, who adds a gothic feel to the songs contained within this EP, but which in no way detracts from the blistering pace throughout. Arch Enemy has been one of the names banded about as a comparison which is understandable, but thankfully, for my tastes anyway, Impavidus, although inherently leaning toward a melodic undercurrent, harbours a much darker heart beating within its breast. The crunch, so evident with most thrash metal bands is apparent, as are the numerous breakdowns scattered throughout the EP, but what makes Impavidus different is that the band shrouds a multitude of grooves in a veil of black lace.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOLUME 20 SHOW - Grip of Delusion Radio 18/6/2016

As played in Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK

Diving straight into the pit with the deathly doom of Etiolated, and continuing with the punk hardcore of Dogstone before slowing it right down with two tracks of gnarly doom from Ischemic. To counteract that, next up is an older trippy song from Shrooms & Rooms. Continuing my tradition of bouncing from one style of music to the other, next up is a crunching metal track from Robanera. Solid instrumental stoner grooves from Rotor follows next, with the grainy sludge of Hooden providing the contrast. The second half of the show follows the same diverse pattern, starting with the doomy tones of Witch Mountain. Indie corner is populated by Gang, while  Headless Kross keeps the sludge flag flying, before I finish proceedings with a local band to me Impavidus, and anyone into the likes of Arch Enemy should check this band out.

Band Order

Etiolated - Exsanguinate
Dogstone - Animal
Ischemic - Barren
Ischemic - Nowhere
Shrooms & Rooms - Drift Away
Robanera - The Gallery
Rotor - Nordend
Hooden - Drink Driving
Witch Mountain - Plastic Cage
Gang - Blood Ribbon
Headless Cross - Plague Stone
Impavidus - Scourge 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

QUARTO ASTRAL - Crack Uni-verse

Quarto Astral are from Brazil

 Members: Thiago Brandão, Bruno Brandão e Marcelo Rangel.

I have to confess to being rather bias towards this band ever since stumbling upon them whilst searching for some inspiration in Soundcloud, and inspire Quarto Astral do.

'Crack Uni - Verse,' out on Lombra Records is everything anyone who is into the very best hard , spacey, proggy rock, will ever need. I'm not going to describe each of the eight tracks here, there is just too much going on and I don't have enough space to describe their magnificence in detail. 

You want a jazzy undercurrent? you've got it. A classical influence? sure. Ripping guitar solos saturated in reverb , crystal clear, and sounding like mountainous chandaliers gently brushing together before crashing down, well they're here in abundance. Oh, did I mention that there is some funk lurking amongst the shards littering the floor?

Its quite obvious to anyone who listens to this album, and watches their live videos on you tube, that Quarto Astral, track after soaring, glorious track, are at the very pinnacle of their game.


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW PODCAST SHOW VOL 19 - Grip of Delusion Radio 11/6/2016

As played on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday@3pm CET, 9pm EST, 8pm UK

Ok, no let up on the immense heaviness of the shows this weekend. Thanks to Roberto Mura and the Third - I - Rex label, I am able to open the show with two tracks from the post-sludge band Sonance off the 'Blister the Maw' split album. The post -sludge continues with Beast in the Field before I turn to one of the heavy metal classics, and one of my all time favourite albums 'Sad Wings of Destiny' with 'Island of Domination' by Judas Priest. I am hugely honoured to be able to present to you an exclusive track from the forthcoming album 'Crack Uni-Verse,  by space, prog, stoner, rockers Quarto Astral. I am waiting to hear the album in its entirety with great anticipation. In complete contast musically, the blackened punk of Insulters is up next, while no one does a cover song quite like Coffins, which is proven by a blistering take on Cathedral's 'Ebony Tears.' The final part of the show is taken up by the sludge of Boar Worship, followed by one of my favourite guitarists, the very underrated Frank Marino. I close proceedings with some more post - metal from Black Chalice.

Band Order

Sonance - Divider
Sonance - End Your Life
Beast in the Field - Discovered, Large Iron Core
Judas Priest - Island of Domination
Quarto Astral - Universe in Flames
Insulters - We Are the Plague 
Coffins - Ebony Tears
Boar Worship - One
Frank Marino - Young Man
Black Chalice - Heliocentric

Saturday, 4 June 2016

PILLARS - Pyres and Gallows

Pillars from Nice, France is:

Disaster - Bass
Dje - Guitars
JJ - Drums
Klem - Vocals

Usually, when you come across a band that describes itself as  'death doom sludge' and presents its tracks within a black and white sleeve, adorned with image of a group of spectres, you know that there are going to be horrors lurking within. Pillars is no different. 

The four tracks on offer on the EP 'Pyres and Gallows' follow the well trodden path of slow lumbering doom, but what some may find refreshing with this, are the clear vocals of Klem, contrasting very nicely with grainy riffs, crackling with a molten crust. 'Pyres and Gallows' seems to be split, unintentionally I'm sure, into two halves. The first two tracks 'Green Magik Ritual' and Dirty Whoreshippers' whilst maintaining the overall death doom vibe of the EP, contain something of an upbeat stoner vibe, however tenuous. I particularly love the warped effect riff in 'Green Magik Ritual.' The final two tracks 'Cult Seeker' and the title track 'Pyres and Gallows' are a Charnel House of abrasive, mordant doom. Here, the riffs belong totally to the Netherworld, the band stepping further into the asphyxiating gloom.

Death doom is one of my favourite extreme metal genres. I was fortunate to be able to review the new album by Beldam last week, and I feel equally fortunate to be given the nudge on 'Pyres and Gallows. This is an EP of great quality, that festers with the best  in an overcrowded scene.

Friday, 3 June 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW PODCAST SHOW VOL 18 - Grip of Delusion Radio 4/6/2016

Played on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST,9pm CET and 8pm UK

This show is going to be HEAVY. Midmourner opens the show with a track from my top album of 2015 'Adorned in Fear and Error', and the carnage continues with the first of two fuzzed up doom tracks from a new band Convoker, the second, separated by the hefty sludge of Pillars from their new album 'Pyres and Gallows'. I have some thrashy sludge from Yurodiviye followed by some death doom in the shape of Void Forger. Amazing new band from Germany Llung provides us with some epic stoner doom. I'm finishing with  some psych stoner doom with something by Flight of the Seraphim off their 'The East' album.

Band Order
Midmourner - The Salting of Circles
Convoker - Tomb of the Thunderlord
Pillars - Green Magik Ritual
Convoker - A Witch Shall be Born 
Yurodiviye - 7
Void Forger - Automation
Llung - Andalgalornis/ Ursus Spelae
Flight of the Seraphim - The East pt IV