Saturday, 25 June 2016

EVEREST QUEEN - Everest Queen EP

Everest Queen, from Stevenage UK is :

Adam C. Taylor - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jimmy Long - Bass
Brad Cook - Drums, Vocals 

As modern day EP's go, this is fairly short, however Everest Queen has managed to shoehorn in two tracks of excellent, technical sludge, with enough variation in the hooks and riffs to call this  progressive. I say two tracks, there is actually three, but at less than two minutes long, and leaning more toward straightforward sludge, I haven't counted it in. No, its 'Curse of The Everest Queen' and 'Catacombs' which seduces the ear, while the gloriously quirky cover catches the eye. If the band can produce an album full of songs that can entertain, yet pummel at the same time as the tracks on this EP do, then Everest Queen will have something quite special on their hands.