Sunday, 19 June 2016

IMPAVIDUS - Impavidus

Impavidus is from Manchester UK

Michelle Adamson - Vocals, 
Patrick McBride - Bass & Vocals, 
Gav Smith - Guitar & Backing Vocals, 
Chris O'Rourke - Drums 

What the band says:

"Impavidus was created when ex members of Manchester bands My Wooden Pillow and Driven Apart met up in a jam room in July 2015 for the sole purpose of writing music they enjoy playing and listening to.

With songs that flow with groove laden heavy riffs and driving beats with ferocious and at times soaring melodic vocals. Impavidus sound like nothing else in the local scene at the moment."

Although a band from my local Manchester metal scene, I wasn't too familiar with Impavidus with the band being outside the doom, sludge scene I usually haunt, but now I've had the chance to listen to this excellent EP, I'll be keen to see them the first chance I get.

Impavidus is essentially a thrash metal band, but, unlike the usual comparisons in the genre, Impavidus is radically different. This is in no small part due to the vocal delivery of Michelle Adamson, who adds a gothic feel to the songs contained within this EP, but which in no way detracts from the blistering pace throughout. Arch Enemy has been one of the names banded about as a comparison which is understandable, but thankfully, for my tastes anyway, Impavidus, although inherently leaning toward a melodic undercurrent, harbours a much darker heart beating within its breast. The crunch, so evident with most thrash metal bands is apparent, as are the numerous breakdowns scattered throughout the EP, but what makes Impavidus different is that the band shrouds a multitude of grooves in a veil of black lace.