Saturday, 4 June 2016

PILLARS - Pyres and Gallows

Pillars from Nice, France is:

Disaster - Bass
Dje - Guitars
JJ - Drums
Klem - Vocals

Usually, when you come across a band that describes itself as  'death doom sludge' and presents its tracks within a black and white sleeve, adorned with image of a group of spectres, you know that there are going to be horrors lurking within. Pillars is no different. 

The four tracks on offer on the EP 'Pyres and Gallows' follow the well trodden path of slow lumbering doom, but what some may find refreshing with this, are the clear vocals of Klem, contrasting very nicely with grainy riffs, crackling with a molten crust. 'Pyres and Gallows' seems to be split, unintentionally I'm sure, into two halves. The first two tracks 'Green Magik Ritual' and Dirty Whoreshippers' whilst maintaining the overall death doom vibe of the EP, contain something of an upbeat stoner vibe, however tenuous. I particularly love the warped effect riff in 'Green Magik Ritual.' The final two tracks 'Cult Seeker' and the title track 'Pyres and Gallows' are a Charnel House of abrasive, mordant doom. Here, the riffs belong totally to the Netherworld, the band stepping further into the asphyxiating gloom.

Death doom is one of my favourite extreme metal genres. I was fortunate to be able to review the new album by Beldam last week, and I feel equally fortunate to be given the nudge on 'Pyres and Gallows. This is an EP of great quality, that festers with the best  in an overcrowded scene.