Saturday, 11 June 2016

QUARTO ASTRAL - Crack Uni-verse

Quarto Astral are from Brazil

 Members: Thiago Brandão, Bruno Brandão e Marcelo Rangel.

I have to confess to being rather bias towards this band ever since stumbling upon them whilst searching for some inspiration in Soundcloud, and inspire Quarto Astral do.

'Crack Uni - Verse,' out on Lombra Records is everything anyone who is into the very best hard , spacey, proggy rock, will ever need. I'm not going to describe each of the eight tracks here, there is just too much going on and I don't have enough space to describe their magnificence in detail. 

You want a jazzy undercurrent? you've got it. A classical influence? sure. Ripping guitar solos saturated in reverb , crystal clear, and sounding like mountainous chandaliers gently brushing together before crashing down, well they're here in abundance. Oh, did I mention that there is some funk lurking amongst the shards littering the floor?

Its quite obvious to anyone who listens to this album, and watches their live videos on you tube, that Quarto Astral, track after soaring, glorious track, are at the very pinnacle of their game.