Friday, 24 June 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 21 - Grip of Delusion Radio 25/6/2016

As played on Grip of Delusion Radio each Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET and 8pm UK.

Ok, lots of new stuff this Saturday, and I need to say a few thank you's for some of the tracks I'll be playing. Firstly, Simon Matravers, (Mourn, Graven Image, Solstice) for pointing me in the direction of a couple of pre production tracks from his upcoming Angelcynn EP. I couldn't tell they were pre production as the quality is really good. Thanks also has to go to Frank Tudisco of the band Haunted for the nod that their single off a much anticipated new album is available. Its a pleasure to be playing that. I must also thank Massimo Perasso of Taxi Driver Store for providing me with a truly great rock track from a band new to me called Bells of Ramon. I will also be playing an interesting track from Everest Queen, interesting because it blends sludge with prog elements. This band shows a lot of promise. A dark shroud covers the show in the form of Hessaja. Sandwiching all of this excellence is a very obscure band called The Omicron Configuration, starting and finishing the show with two tracks of cosmic, trance inducing doom.

Band Order

The Omicron Configuration - Gifts of the Ancient Masters
Simon Matravers (Matravian) - Life Love, and Memory
Everest Queen - Catacombs
Hessaja - Storm
Haunted - Silvercomb
Simon Matravers (Matravian) - Mistrel of the Moor
Bells of Ramon - Jamie Lee
The Omicron Configuration - Omicron Configuration