Saturday, 2 July 2016


Arcade Messiah, is from the UK, and features:

John Bassett - all instruments.

I've already said in another review somewhere, that solo projects are something that usually makes me about turn and head in the opposite direction, plus its an instrumental album to boot, so what captivated me enough to give II  the full attention it deserves? Well, the first plus point that hits you right between the eyes is the quality of the production as each crystalline note feels like a stiletto blade sliding between the ribs and piercing the heart. Arcade Messiah, is essentially a 'post' project, but be it post-rock or post-metal, II elevates itself above its peers, each track is like a skiff skitting along the shoreline, only to be snatched and tossed into a turbulent surf to be inevitably splintered amongst the rocks.

II, by Arcade Messiah, is a scarlet woman, devastatingly beautiful, but cruel and dangerous to know.