Monday, 18 July 2016


 Blues Funeral is from Houston, Texas, and consists of;

 Jan Kimmel - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Maurice Eggenschwiler - Vocals, Guitars.
Gabe Katz - Bass
Cory Cousins - Drums

What the band says;

BLUES FUNERAL BIO - "Following a temporary hiatus for Sanctus Bellum in November of 2014, Sanctus Bellum members, Jan Kimmel, Cory Cousins, and Maurice Eggenschwiler immediately formed Blues Funeral recruiting Gabe Katz on bass, and spent the next several months writing new material.
These songs have culminated into a diverse array of proto- metal and progressive rock that is very much steeped in a vision of the music from the 60’s and 70’s. The band has been compared by fans to the likes of Spiritual Beggars, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Opeth, Wishbone Ash, and Atomic Rooster.
Appearances across Houston at Fitzgerald’s, Warehouse Live, Rudyard’s, Scout Bar and Walters have seen the band playing alongside national acts such as: Night Demon, Helstar, Royal Thunder, Black Tusk, Marty Friedman, The Obsessed, and Karma to Burn. Be on the lookout for their debut album, The Search, which is set to hit shelves end of July 2016."

Anyone over a certain age, and I'm talking the over 50's here, will tell you that the music scene "In the old days" was always better than it is today. Whether that is the case or not, I think it is safe to say that the 70's, was one of metal and rock music's shining lights. Not one year stood still, bands came and went with alarming regularity, we saw the birth of punk, and the emergence of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Behemoths such as Motorhead, Judas Priest, AC/DC cut their musical teeth in this decade, whilst Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath consolidated their legendary status.

Blues Funeral, has, out of nowhere, managed to capture all that was good about that decade of music and packaged it all up within an album called  'The Search' due for release later this month of July. Its all here, the prog rock of Magnum, the overblown tunes of ELP, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple et al, but rather than just concentrating on a proggier direction, Blues Funeral has spanned that decade and also encompassed the NWOBHM. For example, listen to the track "Planet Void' and tell me that it would not have sounded out of place on Iron Maiden's 'Soundhouse Tapes, or maybe even Judas Priest's 'Rocka Rolla' Even the cover looks like a modern version of a Roger Dean, Yes album cover, printed on which, you would be checking for credits to Rick Wakeman or Jon Lord on the tracks 'Paragon of Virtue and Autumn Dream. I can't find enough superlatives for what I've been constantly listening to on 'The Search.' Oh! and I haven't even mentioned the gloriously over the top vocals on the track 'Palmdale' yet, nor the glorious vocal harmonics that abound throughout.

Blues Funeral obviously went all out to make 'The Search sound as authentically 70's as they could, but on hearing the final mix, even they must have pissed themselves laughing in wonderment at how much they have succeeded.

They said that punk and the NWOBHM killed prog rock stone dead. Well, Blues Funeral, with 'The Search'  has just gone and resurrected it.