Saturday, 9 July 2016

THIRST PLANET - Thirst Planet (Demo)

Thirst Planet is from Israel and the band consists of:

Bass + Vocals: Leonid Mickoliuk.
Guitar: Anton Dor.
Drums: Bar Schmilovich.

This is Thirst Planet's first recording and I have to say, it shows a lot of promise. Firstly, the recording is pretty good for a demo, and captures the sound of a band firmly entrenched in stoner territory. There is enough of a groove here, particularly with my favourite track of the two on offer "Dry Tank'. It is a prerequisite for bands of this ilk to occasionally foray into doom, and Thirst Planet does just that. This helps to keep both tracks varied which is quite unusual for new bands, who usually try and keep it safe and stick to a tried and trusted formula. I particularly like the tone that emanates from the guitar of Anton Dor, it has a sufficiently gnarly and grainy sound which adds to the heaviness of this demo.

One thing the band will have to work on is to try and keep the rhythm section and Anton's guitar work more 'together' as occasionally they all seem to be on a different page, doing their own thing, but overall this is a pretty fine first attempt and is worthy of checking out and supporting.