Sunday, 28 August 2016

DOOMSTRESS - Supernatural Kvlt Sounds

Doomstress is from Texas and includes amongst its members:

Alexis Hollada (Doomstress Alexis) -   Bass/vocals
Brandon Johnson - Guitar/ Backing vocals
Tomasz Scull - Drums

'Supernatural Kvlt Sounds by Doomstress, is the bands first ep and was released earlier this year,  immediately causing quite a stir among those of us that inhabit the stoner, doom, and heavy metal watering holes, and so it should considering the excellent pedigree of the band, who collectively can include links to Venomin James, Well of  Souls, and Project Armageddon.

Doomstress has been described as a band with its heart rooted in the 70's, and that's fair enough, especially when you first hear the deliciously cheesy chorus of the track 'Wicked Woman' but there is so much more. If we are talking comparisons here, then you can include the likes of Judas Priest  due to the 'chug' which drives many of the riffs inhabiting 'Supernatural Kvlt Sounds' especially the track 'Sleep Among the Dead' I also detect a NWOBHM influence, in particular Witchfynde, as well as more modern contemporaries such as Serpent Throne. It would be unfair to describe Doomstress as doom, even allowing for the name, as this EP is heavy metal through and through. A doom metal tag tends to narrow down a bands appeal due to its extremity, and will slowly suffocate and draw the listener into the darkness, whereas Doomstress is of a seduction of the innocent, a temptation to step into the shadow and taste the forbidden fruit. The occult style cover of a skull carrying the shadow of an inverted cross is actually in contrast with the music contained within, which is actually great fun. With 'Supernatural Kvlt Sounds' Doomstress has attempted to harvest the enjoyment that only an exceptional metal release can bring, and this particular harvest has been bountiful.