Saturday, 17 September 2016

HARMONIK TRIP - Harmonik Trip 1

Harmonik Trip  is from Las Vegas Nevada, and consists of:

Jared Zec - Guitar/Vocals
Alex Lovecchio - Drums
John Riemma - Bass

After spending some time in the backwater of Soundcloud, Harmonik Trip are back where they belong, tripping out amongst the far reaches of the Bandcamp cosmos, phasers set to stun.

As you settle down to listen to Harmonik Trip 1, waiting for the opening countdown sequence to reach zero, and then hearing the sound of rocket engines revving up to full force, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were listening to 'Space Ritual' era Hawkwind, but once the phased out riffs of the opening track 'Mjolnir' begins and immediately spits acid in all directions, followed by chunks of wah, then it suddenly dawns on you that you're listening to something far more warped and distorted by space and time than the 'Space Lords' ever were. Sure, there are nods here and there to Hawkwind, its inevitable, particularly with the track 'Atmosphere' which is split into three shortish parts of spacey interludes, but Harmonik Trip 1 is a much bumpier journey through the Solar System. The 'proper' tracks 'Mjolnir' 'Anunnaki,' the showpiece track 'A Pale Horse Named Death/Spirit' and 'Blood Moon' possess a stoner feel with plenty of heft emanating from the band, whilst the licks of Jared Zec, radiate a sense of urgency, as though gripped by the gravitational pull of a black hole. This is trippy, not in the far out, laid back sense of that word, although it does have its moments, but more like being played through gritted teeth!

Harmonik Trip 1, by Harmonik Trip is worthy of further investigation, especially if you're into the likes of Bardo Pond, Earthless, Tia Carrera, oh yes! and Hawkwind as well!