Sunday, 11 September 2016

HAUNTED - Haunted

Haunted is from Catania, Italy and consists of:

Francesco Bauso - Guitars
Cristina Chimirri - Vocals
Valerio Cimino - Drums
Francesco Orlando - Guitar
Frank Tudisco - Drums

Available via Twin Earth Records

I am currently reading a book called 'The Ghost Hunters' about the most haunted house in England, Borley Rectory. Haunted's self titled full length debut album is a perfect accompaniment. The opening sequence of the track 'Nightbreed' invokes images of ancient spires cloaked in nightfall, lit by shimmering, watery strands of moonlight, casting shadows over abandoned and forgotten gravestones, choked with ivy. Haunted even has its own 'Woman in Black' Cristina Chimirri, whose spectral voice becomes the showpiece of this album, and blends perfectly with the gathering storm created by the rest of the band.

When I first heard 'Silvercomb' the third track on what is a five track album, a few months ago, I likened Haunted to Black Sabbath's evil twin, but after listening to the full album in more depth, that statement may have been a little hasty, as Haunted is firmly ensconced in stoner doom territory, Sabbath was/is essentially blues based. Whereas Black Sabbath was the serial killer with his knife at your throat, this album from Haunted conjures images of the unimaginable presence lurking in the closet, deep down, you know nothing is there, but until you open the door, if you can summon the courage, you can't be certain.

'Haunted', by Haunted isn't an album.....its a seance!