Monday, 3 October 2016

A DAY OF PIGS - Lecherous (2007)

A Day Of Pigs is from New Jersey, USA and the bands consisted of:

TJ - Bass
Bill Belford (ex Solace) - Drums
Steve Silberg - Guitars
Kevin LeBlanc - Vocals

Often described as a sludge band, a little hastily in my opinion, 'Lecherous' by A Day of Pigs is still a  a worthy addition to any Eyehategod fan's collection. The band included one time member of Solace, Bill Belford, and I can hear definite leanings towards that band, albeit with a much harsher sound, particularly if you include the angry and very pissed off vocals of Kevin Leblanc. However, with 'Lecherous'  A Day Of Pigs don't restrict themselves to an all out stoner sound, and by and large forego the usual fuzz normally associated with the stoner genre, instead 'Lecherous' contains a myriad of all that is good within the underground scene today. For example, I'm now listening to the  track 'The Lions Cry' , and from a beginning drenched in doom reverb, the track morphs into something that wouldn't be out of place on Metallica's 'Ride the Lightning' album.

The album 'Lecherous' is a toughie to find, and doesn't break any rules, but for anyone into 'stoner' bordering on doom and maybe a touch of hardcore and sludge, then it is worth finding the time to track this album down.