Sunday, 9 October 2016

BRAIN POLICE - Brain Police

Brain Police is

Jon Bjorn Rikardsson - Drums
Gunnlaugr Larusson - Guitar
Hardur Stefannson - Bass
Jens Olafsson - Vocals

From the fuzz drenched guitar, clean, powerful vocals, and neck snapping groove, it's quite obvious that Brain Police, from Iceland, are right to be described first and foremost, as a stoner rock band, and, indeed, are frequently compared to stoned wasters, Fu Manchu. That's fair enough, but there are subtle differences between this band, and their Californian compadres. For one thing, Brain Police don't sound as though they spend their days with both feet firmly rooted to a surf board, looking for the next big wave, all bleached hair and brilliant white teeth, instead the lower tuned guitar, and slightly slower tempo of most of the tracks, invokes images of dirt and quad bikes careering across the volcanic tundra, the tang of two - stroke fuel assailing the nostrils. Still highly enjoyable, but less environmentally friendly. In fact, the more I listen to this album, the more Gonga, springs to mind.

There are thirteen tracks on offer on 'Brain Police' that race along (despite the slower tempo- this is stoner rock after all) and each one is guaranteed to keep the listener nodding their head in appreciation. Admittedly, there is nothing new here, but each track contains more grooves than a thousand years old lava flow, and there are thankfully, no fillers. 

Most of the grizzly old stoners who know and love the scene, will be familiar with Brain Police, but, for anyone out there new to the genre, and are keen to discover more, then this S/T album is the perfect place to start.