Sunday, 23 October 2016


Dani : Guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals.
Fede : Drums

What the band says: 

"Groove and psychedelic atmospheres, liquid and full guitar solos, rich bass lines, and hypnotic drums. A rush into sidereal space in a vortex of sound that moves between rock blues, and a dose of drugged/spaced psychedelia."

"The trip will take you over"

'2' remains my favourite Deadpeach release to date, 2015's 'Arum' is good, but as an instrumental album, I find it to be more restricted in what it can do than this. Released in 2011, '2' is unusual in the fact that, although principally a stoner album, there are a variety of influences. The bedrock of the album is desert rock based, but rather than sounding parched all the way through, there is succour from the interspersed saturation of fuzz, and the intermittent use of the wah wah pedal. 

The first half of the album scuttles along at full throttle sounding as sharp as a rattlesnake strike, and it isn't until the fourth track, the oasis amongst the bone dry brush, 'Il Mattino' that Deadpeach demonstrate their willingness to experiment a little, leave that dusty old road, and lay on a little groove ('Nel Bosco') some boogie('L'Ora') and even the indie tainted 'Le Scarpe Nuove' all held together by a web of stinging guitar solos. '2' even closes with a homage to the sitar sound ('Bombay')

Thankfully, and in spite of their niche within the stoner scene, Deadpeach are no Kyuss, Fu Manchu or Monster Magnet clones. Instead, with this album in particular, the band cleverly meshes the desert sound within a fabric of psychedelia, 70's vintage rock, contradicting a modern indie vibe.