Saturday, 26 November 2016

BORRACHO - Atacama

Borracho is :    

Steve - Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Tim - Bass
Mario - Drums

What the band says:

"Borracho is a three piece heavy rock band from Washington, DC. In the five years since releasing their 2011 debut Splitting Sky, they have become a staple of the Mid-Atlantic  and US  stoner rock scene. 2013’s follow up Oculus highlighted a band in metamorphosis, moving the band forward sonically with a leaner lineup, but continuing their emphasis on song construction and memorable melodies. With a substantial offering in Ripple Music’s 2015 inaugural Second Coming of Heavy, Chapter One, the band showed their continued commitment to the almighty riff, and plenty of variety in their approach, even within only 22 minutes of scathing rock. 
Along with their two LPs, Borracho has dropped a half-dozen limited edition vinyl singles and split 7”s to satisfy fans and collectors around the globe. The band has worked with labels from the US, Spain, Germany, and Japan to get their music to the masses, and has teamed up with similar acts Cortez, Geezer, and Eggnogg  even their own former band Adam West  on split releases. The past two years has pushed Borracho to both Europe and the west coast of the United States to preach their gospel of low and heavy grooves. 
With the 2016 release of their third LP Atacama, the band is primed for a larger audience, with a totally organic and diverse collection of heavy anthems to get people up onto their feet and raising their fists in a glorious Hallelujah."
 Fuzz - Check 
Groove - Check
Stellar Riffs - Check
=Another top notch new release from Washington D.C' s Borracho. Eight consistently strong tracks of stellar stoner rock than must surely catapult the band into the top echelons of the genre.

'Atacama' due for release around December 2nd through Kozmik Artifactz, has a number of subtle differences compared to their previous full length 'Oculus'. For starters, the sound is not as arid as 'Oculus' and, although the fuzz is still definitely there, the faster and groovier pace of most of the songs gives 'Atacama' a fuller, heavier sound. To me, 'Oculus' has a distinct blues foundation which, on 'Atacama'  gives way a little in favour of a more stoner / doom sound, particularly on the track Descent. 

'Atacama' is another step in the right direction for Borracho. I loved 'Oculus' but this latest release offers more variation, a fuller guitar tone and an abundance of riffs to keep even the most wasted stoner animated.