Sunday, 27 November 2016

CACUS - Dirty Filthy Godless

Cacus is from Denmark, and consists of:

Tiago Dias - Vocals
Benjamin Elmegren - Bass
Martin Christiansen - Guitar
Simon Esberg -Drums

Ever wondered what Buzzov-en would have sounded like if they had decided to make a stoner album? Then listen to 'Dirty, Filthy, Godless by Denmark's Cacus. The five violent, angst ridden, bile spitting tracks lies testament to the bands punk roots, whilst the occasional squall of feedback harkens the opening of many a sludge album, but what makes this EP different from so many other'poweviolence' bands is the constantly shifting groove infused with the bursts of searing solos's from the fret of Martin Christiansen which could have been drawn from many a stoner rock well.

Dirty, Filthy, Godless is an exceptional opening gambit. Cacus has produced an EP of ferocity, and blurred the boundaries a little from the usual Buzzov-en, Iron Monkey format.

I've heard of rock'n'roll, even death'n'roll. Anyone for powerviolence 'n' roll?