Saturday, 19 November 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW - Podcast Show Vol 33

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW, playing on Grip of Delusion Radio every Saturday @ 3pm CET, 9pm EST, 8pm UK.

I've not played a new show for 3 or 4 weeks, so there is a lot to catch up on!

Firstly, the usual round of thanks !

Kosmik Artifactz  for the opportunity to play a couple of tracks off the soon to be released album 'Atacama' by Borracho
Sean o' Suilleabhain of  Ten Ton Slug for sending me a copy of their excellent new ep 'Brutal Gluttonous Beast'
Olde for giving me the opportunity to play something off  'Shallow Graves'
Also, big thanks to Oscar Munoz Mejia of Mothersloth, for providing me with their inclusion to the Stoned Groove Records tribute to Black Sabbath ' Sabbatarianism'

Show favourites Bardo Pond provide a chill out moment with a track of psychedelic rock. I have some very underground death metal from HalidoM. Filth corner is populated with Aussies Religious Observance, while mixed up in the mayhem, I'll be playing the usual doom, this week provided by Warped Cross.......Enjoy!!

Running Order

Phlefonyaar - usual creepy intro
Warped Cross
Ten Ton Slug
Religious Observance
Bardo Pond