Friday, 25 November 2016

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW PODCAST SHOW - Grip of Delusion Radio 26/11/2016

The Shrieks From Below plays on Grip of Delusion Radio, each Saturday @ 3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm UK.

Thank you to - Chris Peters (Samsara Blues Experiment, World in Sound Label) Bethmoora, Richard S Jones (Sheltered Life PR)

This weeks show peddles in filth right from the start, with a burst of wailing feedback beckoning forth a filthy blues, sludge onslaught from Cacus. Next track puts a restraining hand on the sludge with the early Metallica like thrash of Aggressor. New releases by droning doomsters  Bethmoora,  stoners Craneium, and purveyors in sludge, No Gods no Masters, provide a couple of excellent songs. I loved the debut Goatess album, and couldn't resist playing something from it. The World in Sound Label is kindly releasing  a couple of great lp's by Saturna, and Buddha Sentenza, and it is a great pleasure to be able to highlight a track from each. I haven't played much hardcore recently, but I've remedied that with a sharp burst of sludge infused hardcore from East Sherman. Closing the show is a fantastic stoner track from Sweet Insanity.

 Band Order:

Phlefonyaar - Usual creepy intro
No Gods, No Masters
Buddha Sentenza
East Sherman
Sweet Insanity