Sunday, 11 December 2016

BUZZHERD - Siege Machine

'Siege Machine' the latest offering by Pennsylvanian band Buzzherd, is a brooding, multi-layered composition. Encasing its heart, fuelled and engorged by pulsating clots of sludge, is an exoskeleton of the best that underground metal has to offer, be it thrash ( The title track -'Siege Machine') death metal ('Hessian Spores') even post metal (The beginning of 'Heretic's Fork' ). A foundation of doom, intermingled with a substratum of driving, hardcore type, chunky riffs, prevents this whole concoction from falling apart, helped also by the fact that all of the rough edges that were evident on 2013's 'On Sinking Ships,Rats Drown' have disappeared.

It is commendable that with 'Siege Machine' Buzzherd has discovered most, if not all, of the formula required to meld together an organic/technical texture to their sound. The numerous thrash/death parts that abound throughout 'Siege Machine' have a muscular heft, rather than the usual rasping crunch, which serves to enhance the overall heaviness. Its as if Buzzherd has had a Frankenstein moment, morphing early Slayer into Reverend Bizarre!

'Siege Machine' is yet another worthy addition to the already overcrowded stable of exceptional 2016 metal releases.